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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch

Life goes on.Yes, it is true. They are in the same room, they are both eating from their own bowls and at this point....no one is hissing at anyone else. Unlike the human members of our family.

And lest you think this is a 'fluke'

Mind you Pippin has a slightly nervous, watchful look going on there..

Family melodrama aside, this weekend the BA played her last netball match before the finals. The last time we played at this venue, Morialta Falls, the liquid factor was in full flight. Here's the photo from before the match, 2006. Check out the excitement at playing 60 minutes + in the pouring rain!!

Now, same location, two years later. Exactly the same weather.This cracks me up so much! Look how much she's grown. Not just in size but in ability to deal with the everyday crud of life. She is so awesome.

For the record, unlike 2006, the rain held off until after the game at which point it let fly in spectacular manner, followed minutes later by equally spectacular hail. We all managed to shelter under the ubiquitous Australian bull nosed verandah until the worst had passed and I am not ashamed to say that I am getting too old for all this extreme weather crap. Still, they are into the first round of finals next week.

No word from No2 Son. Not that I thought there would be yet.

Just a post script to all this mess. No 2 Son had thought he might go and stay with his mother who has moved to Canberra in the lat few years. I suggested that this was a great plan. Time to catch up with Mum, get away from the small town mentality of Adelaide and se a bit of the country. Unfortunately when he rang Mum to confirm this idea she told him that she didn't want him. Not in so many words perhaps but the message was clear. She actually rang Himself and said how she couldn't take No2 Son in more than short bursts as he was 'too intense'. Hello, welcome to my world!

No wonder the poor kid is fith (f***ed in the head)! Mean ole stepmother who won't let him get away with squat and a mother who can't cope with him!!

I am being very objective about this. My sharp tongue the other night was a trigger rather than a cause. He was ready to fly. I was just his excuse. I can live with that.

At the end of the day in situations like this my first port of call is prayer. There is certainly bugger all I can achieve here under my own recognisances.

Onward and upward mateys! Here's to our Aussie swim girls!!!!


Stacy said...

Yes, she has grown a bit! Lucky for you that you were able to get cover before the hail hit. Yikes! Sorry to hear of the family squables...hopefully the air will clear soon. (((hugs)))

ktjrdn said...

Wow. She is getting bigger. And Morticia is too! :>

I've found that the only thing you can do in situations like this is to wait and see what happens. For now, he's making the decisions to be where he is, and when he wants to change them, he'll come back, right? Maybe someday he'll learn. Hang in there. Step-families are hard.

Blueberry said...

oh dear. i'm sorry his mama was less than happy to hear from him.
good thing he has two parents who do love him very much- even if he doesn't realize it right now, he is very lucky! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the BA!

As for No. 2 son, what a crappy situation. I cannot imagine being a mother who couldn't spend time with her own son. Poor guy.

Maggie, Dammit said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry about your boy.

I'm not ready for that. I know my time is coming, but I'm not ready.


(Girl is beautiful. The front bangs become her.)


A Free Man said...

1. Thanks for the acronym definition. You know I need that.

2. Re Aussie athletes. Roy and HG, who you introduced me to, have a radio show but no TV this time around. Is that correct to your knowledge?

3. Hang in there with the family shit. Families are a challenge under the best of circumstances. And you guys are doing the whole Brady thing, so that just makes it more of a challenge.

Check your mail, I sent you one.

Sinead said...

Sometimes kids need a kick up the ass. There is no reason why he shouldn't be cooking for YOU once a week. You are not a bloody servant and he should be an active member of the household. Don't feel guilt. He needs to realise that at 19 years old, it is time to start entering the real world.

Christina said...

Goodness, two years has made a world of difference for your girl!
We knew the cats had to love each other deep down...you can't hate that intensely without there being a little bit of love in there. ;o)
Hoping for a good outcome with boy #2.