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Monday, 25 August 2008

Best Shot Monday: Wildlife Again

Saturday afternoon there was high drama across the road as this koala was attacked by a couple of large crows. We watched in awe as he put his little arms and claws across his face to ward off his attackers and after we had come running across the road doing our impression of analogue scarecrows he peered down at us as if to say "what are you making such a fuss about?"

The really interesting thing was watching a couple of Rosella parrots 'escort' the crow away!

Of course the koala sighting was not the ONLY good thing to happen this weekend!
The Baby Angel is indeed a star and helped her team to achieve a very convincing lead in the first quarter. Remind me to get her a different colored hair band! :-D

Next week is the Grand Final. Wish us luck!!!!

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Brittany said...

Best of luck, BA! :)

Great photos!

HipMomma said...

It just seems unreal to see koalas outside your house. Congrats to the BA! We'll be cheering her on.

Blueberry said...

a koala! they are just so adorably cute. glad those mean ol' crows got taken care of!

BA and her team are lookin' good! best of luck to them. :)

Maggie said...

I still think that it is totally cool that you have things like Koala Bears that live right outside of your house! I am so jealous...the only thing that we have around here are corn fields.

And congrats to BA and her team on the win -- and good luck to them in the finals!

Christina said...

A koala bear in your front yard...I just can't get over that - wow! Tell BA she's got lots of fans sheering her on from all over the world.

Megan said...

wow -- koalas seem so exotic, but i'm sure they're run of the mill for you. congrats to your daughter, too!

Arizaphale said...

Hipmomma: But it's not unreal to have ARMADILLOS outside your house??? hahah

Mia's Mama said...

What a lovely koala, and I'm glad the crows didn't do too much harm!
Yay to BA!!!

Jaimee said...

WOW...poor Koala! They are so cute!

kim said...

Way to go, BA!

It's interesting that the birds would attack the koala.... cool pic.

Vixen said...

Wow, a koala. Way better than a stray pit bull.

Congrats to Baby Angle and good luck in the Grand Final

A Free Man said...

I'm still keeping my eyes skyward and have yet to see one of those damn bears.

Good luck to the two of you on the weekend ;)

Golightly said...

Wow, a Koala in the tree by your house...cool!

Good luck and congrats to BA! Go teem!