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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

In Flight

The Baby Angel's netball team won their Semi Final on Saturday due, in no small part, to her great game in Goal Defence. The Goal Defence must intercept the pass and prevent it getting to the attacker, in this case the Goal Attack player. I'm not sure if she actually made the intercept here, she may be a bit too far away from her player, as I was frantically taking random shots with the PAS which, as most of you know, are rubbish for action shots due to the shutter delay.

In this one however I remember that she was succesful. You can see the Wing Attack on the far right waiting to receive the pass from the Goal Attack (being defended by the BA). The neat thing here was the BA went for a tap down which put the ball into the hands of the Centre player on the far left of the shot. She may have been a tad too close to her opposition but maybe that's just the foreshortening of the shot?

Anyway, she did a brilliant job and kept the opposition to a rather sad 4 goals in the face of her team's 34!

Next weekend it's the Quarter Finals which will be a much tougher match but still do-able. The girls are just hitting their stride as a team after a fairly unsettled start to the season. They had been put together from two different teams and did not initially 'gel' with friends tending to pass to friends rather than the best available player etc.

As you can see it was yet another grey, wet, chilly Winter's day here in Adelaide. I have resisted complaining about the Winter so far as I complained so much about the Summer, but really, it is getting beyond a joke. Here we are on the downward side of August and the rain and cold continue unabated!!

Usually, by now, we are feeling the delightful tickle of spring. Instead, five day forecasts are a repetitive litany of 'showers, more showers, maximum 13C, further showers.......'
Apparently this is the coldest winter for 30 years but I'll have to confirm that. So much for Global Warming the kids at school say and I don't have an immediate answer that doesn't involve complicated explanations of 'long term trends', 'averages' and 'extremes'. Cold comfort at the moment if you'll pardon the pun.

Nevertheless, the sun did come out long enough for us to have a pleasant birthday lunch for Himself on Sunday afternoon. That sad landscape to the right is my version of the sun coming out. We enjoyed the company of several couples including A Free Man and his delightful family and the BA 'oo'ed and 'ah'ed over Baby Z and set herself up for some babysitting work in the future. Later we visited the developing shell of a 150 year old ex bank in the little township of Aldinga where some friends with vision are renovating and creating a fantastic cafe/lounge bar/wood fired pizza restaurant/cook-your-own BBQ/local produce market, all in the one spot! Can't wait for the opening.


Christina said...

I'm not sure how much I understand of the rules of netball, but I do gether that congrats are in order for BA. So, Yay Baby Angel! And Yay Mom, for a great action shot.

Brittany said...

Great mid-air shot!!

Way to go BA!! :)

Maggie, Dammit said...

Yay, Baby Angel! I have no idea what she's doing, but it looks damn good. ;)

Anonymous said...

I also don't have a clue about netball, but I'm glad her team is doing so well!
We also just had our coldest winter in years and are in the tail end of our mildest summer. The global warming folks say it's due to the melting of the polar ice caps and all that cold water flowing down to the rest of us. I dunno... Seems that if we're all baking alive, it would have to be hotter rather than cooler.

A Free Man said...

Sunday was a ball, thanks for that. I thought you got in trouble for taking pictures at netball - were these like spy photos. Did you have a camera that looked like a coat button?

SSG said...

congrats to the BA... so is netball a winter sport? can you really play in the rain? and why are quarter finals after semi finals?

Arizaphale said...

Errrr I suspect they aren't. I think I might have got that wrong. Apparently Saturday is a preliminary final. Or so I am reliably informed by the BA. And yes, its a winter sport and oh yes...they play in the rain.