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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Just An Excitable Girl*

Now I know the Aussie's aren't exactly 'cleaning up' in the medal tally over in Beijing but the silver medal win by Sally McLellan was one of the most exciting for us in sometime. None of us had ever really heard of her!

But over and above the race was her ecstatic jumping for joy afterwards and her classic track side interview. Click this link and have a look. She is hilarious!!!!

A good home-grown Aussie girl hahahahaha.

Did ya see me? Huh? Did ya??

* with apologies to Warren Zevon

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Brittany said...

ha ha ha I saw that when it happened. She was so cute! I love the Olympics...whatever will I do at night, when it's over? sigh. lol

A Free Man said...

I'm sure Mr. Zevon would have approved.

kim said...

I heard about it, but missed. I'll have to google it sometime (since "the content I was trying to view" -from your link - "is only available in certain areas."