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Friday, 12 February 2016

Pack Up Your Dirty Books, Your Songs That Have No Hooks

This is a late post, mainly because I just dug my computer out of its packing box and connected it up. We have been in a world of: packing, house-sitting and unpacking and now, as the fetid breath of the approaching school year blows hot upon my neck, we are still waiting to get into our new house.

Here's what I wrote on the 18th December:

I am a week out of my house. This time last week I was collapsing, exhausted, in post traumatic stress, in Sydney, after a month of pandemonium.

What I had not computed when signing the all important house sale contract, was the significance of the date. It had been booked sixth months earlier, a flight to Sydney courtesy of the BA's father, for his annual Christmas bash. I asked the agent to suggest that we rent back a week or delay the settlement by 5 days (to give us time to return from Sydney and thoroughly clean the house etc before moving) but both suggestions were rejected. We had 30 days to get out of the house, and find somewhere else to live....

I continue the story today, knowing that I have about 5 posts up my sleeve with respect to the
ensuing chapters in our journey. There is
  • The Pool Fence story: this one will curl your hair
  • The Sydney trip
  • House sitting in North Adelaide over Christmas NY with an Account of Dog Whispering and Home Organisation
  • Dabbling in Paint whilst waiting...and waiting
  • Getting the keys and the Wallpaper Saga
  • New Floors
OK.....maybe six....

But maybe I'll start with  a few shots of the new house. These come off the real estate site so they are naturally stretched and shopped to make them more appealing :-)

This one is pretty good though. It's taken from the stairs down to the house and is a pretty faithful rendition.

Now this is is the lounge room:

And this is the family room (LOVE those carpet tiles....not)

This is the dining  room:  

This is the kitchen.

And this is the wasteland of a backyard which discouraged me from offering on it in the first place.

Looking up from the bottom of the yard.

As I finally finish this post, it is nearly 2 months since I started it.
Our world was changed suddenly and shockingly by the death of the husband of a dear friend, whose house we had stayed in over Christmas.
The  pictures I uploaded over a month ago, bear little resemblance to the chaos that is my house at the moment.
I still have lots to catch you up on.......
But I am happy.