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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Maths or Cake?

Subject: Year 11 German fairytale performance

Hi there,

You all teach year 9s next Thursday lesson 3 (week 7). Albert's year 11 German class will be presenting fairytale role-plays in German to all year 9s in lesson 3.

Would you all like to come along??? (I know there's been a lot happening, so I suppose if you really can't make it you don't have to come, but it would be great if you could all come).

It will only be lesson 3. 2 fairytales will be presented, then students will be given a piece of German cake, and go back to their classrooms for lesson 4.



Dear Calliope

and THEN I will be expected to teach them MATHS????????????????????????

Perhaps we could work on the differential cooling times of the bears' porridge?

Maybe calculate and compare the weight ratios of the wolf after he's eaten the Grandmother and then Little Red Riding Hood?

How about a totalling of the calorific value of the gingerbread house??????????hahahahahahahahahahahaha (maniacal laughter)

As you can tell I am starting to lose the plot. (pun intended)Of course we will come.

Heck, I'm not teaching them much anyway!!!




Maggie said...

You are too funny! And you're right -- math after cake? Totally not happening!

But I hope you enjoy the play!

Anonymous said...

haha - you are too funny - but everything you said is true! math after cake? What planet is that woman from?

Enjoy the break in routine!
PS - We're home and it was WONDERFUL!

Anonymous said...

HEY - I just noticed that my comment went right up.....


Brittany said...

ha ha ha. wow. wow. wow. I love how you make me laugh. :)

Andi said...

Sorry. I would choose cake every time. Every. Single. Time. (Cake addition here. Serious math phobia as well...)

Hope they had tons of fun, and that you were able to deal with math after cake somehow!