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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

TOP 100

Yes! This morning at 6.30am Himself 'cracked' 100th position!! Seven virtual boats have now 'arrived' in Capetown but as long as he keeps his speed and course he should pass more boats and finish in the top 100 (sometime soon I hope!). I do have to say this is the ONLY time I have seen my husband willingly get out of bed before 8am. I mean, he has done it to go on interstate trips etc but I have had to wake him and push him. This is extraordinary. As I get up for work, he, instead of moaning about what sort of time it is and how the sparrows haven't even farted etc, leaps to his feet, gets his dressing gown and disappears down the hall to the computer. Extraordinary.


Blueberry said...

woo hoo! go go go!!

Brittany said...


Anonymous said...

Yippeee Yahooo and all that great stuff!!!



A Free Man said...

Is that car in sight?

Anonymous said...

Okay - I have to ask - what does someone from outside the US think of our election? Senator Obama from the great State of Illinois is the President Elect of the United States of America. Would love to know some reaction from around the world.

SSG said...

sparrows haven't even farted, hahahah