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Saturday, 1 November 2008

It's NaBloPoMo Again

What am I thinking??????

I have been finding it hard enough to post recently without the pressure of NaBloPoMo
(National Blog Posting Month) again. But I had such fun with it last year and found so many new friends that I have been lured to the fray yet again.

But I need a theme.

Last year it was watching the Baby Angel grow up day by day. That was fun and in the process I was able to work out how best to use my scanner! This year I have toyed with two ideas.

The first was to post something daily from my handwritten journal, commenced around the time I arrive in the UK (Dec 1994) and kept faithfully through my pregnancy and the BA's early years.

The second is a tribute to Christmas past with posts and pictures from my Christmases through the years. The BA was cynical about this.
"But Mum, we haven't had 30 Christmases!"
"Well dear, YOU haven't......."

So what do you think?
I'm leaning towards Christmas myself.....

Anyway, this is NaBloPoMo 1 so I've fulfilled my obligations for today :-)

We're just off to the beach with A Free Man and his family. I've threatened them with a sail in Himself's boat after the race is over. I think Dr O'C thought it was a slightly larger boat. She got a bit excited. No ma'am. No champagne on the poop deck in this vessel :-)


Maggie said...

You are so brave to try that again -- I thought about it, for about .2 seconds until I realized that I didn't think I could do it. But go you -- I can't wait to see what you have to share!

Anonymous said...

Either sounds like a grand idea. Which walk down memory lane would you rather take?? That's the theme you should follow!

A Free Man said...

Christ, no, not Christmas. Not yet! It's November. No Christmas until December!

HipMomma said...

I say Christmases past. Against Free Man of course. I think Christmas comes and goes so fast that I'm going to enjoy every moment of it until it's no more. I think I'm trying 30 days of gratitude in photos because we have Thanksgiving.