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Sunday, 2 November 2008

NaBloPoMo 2:

Saturday 21st January 1995: Southampton, England.
(27 weeks pregnant)

Been a week of revolting weather, rain, hail- high winds.
Went to Winchester with Mum last Saturday and bought lots of lovely sheet music and some more maternity clothes. Still haven't got around to sewing the dress/skirt and leggings I cut out just after Christmas. Spent last two days sleeping and reading. Opened a bank account with Barclays.
Read 'There is No Armour' by Howard Spring- lovely book, very prosey but a beautiful eye for detail and drew a superb picture of Falmouth and Cornwall. Makes me want to own a small shack on a coast SOMEWHERE! Also made me think as this fellow's family dropped off all around him-that it is important to grow up with family and people who love you. Should I be taking my baby back to Australia? But who wants to live in miserable old Soton? (Southampton) The New Forest maybe!! Some seaside village perhaps- but give me Sydney as a city to live in anyday. Still, Summer and Spring here may be a different matter.

Lists of Names

Remy Madeline Arabella
Harriet Adelaide Honor
Eleanor Lucy
(ed note: none of these were chosen!)

I now feel very pregnant. It seems to only have been in the last month or so though. Prior to that I didn't feel very different. Now, not only is my waistline enormous, but I am subject to a constant barrage of movement, wind, indigestion and backache.

Dr's appointment went uneventfully. "Any swelling?" she asked.
"Only in the abdomen," I said.
Holding steady at 60kg. Fat woman.


Christina said...

So you chose the old diaries! It'll be fun to watch your story unfold this way. And, it's fun knowing how it all comes out in the end - here you are back in Australia now!

A Free Man said...

Honor? Wouldn't you have spelled it Honour? Either way, honor? Thank goodness for the BA you opted for a different name!

A Free Man said...

BTW, I like this old diary idea. I may lift it, with credit to you.

A Free Man said...

Last one - did you get any decent sailing photos on Sat? Sinead fell down on the job.

Arizaphale said...

Stand by for a post Free Man....