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Thursday, 17 April 2008

I LOVE the Holidays

It has taken me longer than I anticipated to recover from The Party! Here I am on Thursday afternoon finally getting down to some blogging. In the meanwhile I have been putting the house back together from photos (you know, like after the bombing post WWII), doing 'kid things' and spending time with my Mum and Dad who leave on the 26th :-( *sniff sniff*

But I just wanted to throw a few things into the wind before I work on The Party post.

Firstly: what is the world coming to? The Japanese have invented a toy which simulates the sound and feel of popping bubble wrap. They are apparently selling like.....I don't know.....bubble wrap???

Secondly: I believe all the work I did on the BA's music appreciation both when she was in utero and when we travelled long distances by car (We'll have one tape of yours then one of mine. Deal?) has paid off. Her new favourite artists are The White Stripes with most played song being Ball & a Biscuit (see my playlist). She has also informed me that she intends to play 'Fat Bottomed Girls' for me at my funeral. Thanks for that BA. (quite appropriate really)

Thirdly: Did I mention I LOVE holidays?????????

1 comment:

Andi said...

Right there with you on the LOVE for the holidays!!! Oh to have summer break already; it is SOON for us...perhaps a month or just over. Yippee!
Ok, I must confess that I would totally buy the poppety-pop toy for my husband, who LOVES bubble wrap (just like a child or a cat he plays with the bubble wrap more than the gift in which it came!) I do not much like the fact the for every 100 pops or so a strange surprising sound happens (passing gas or feminine moan). But that gift is interesting...odd, and I agree what IS this world coming to?
I am so tired (and brain dead), that I can not remember what other comment I was planning to make, so I will move on to the next post. :)LOL