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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Gut Feelings

Scene: At the local Vietnamese Restaurant.

Dad: So what do you think of this idea of Australia becoming a Republic?
Me: Fine. Bound to happen one day. Not a priority though. We manage quite well as it is.
Dad: OK, what about the idea of getting rid of the States?
Me: What? You can't do that!!!
Dad: Why not? This country is over governed. You have 21 million people and 7 legislative parliaments. What a waste of money!
Me: But you can't....get rid of the States....I mean. It just wouldn't be right!!!
Dad: Why not?
Me: because....um...we're all different. A single federal legislature could not effectively represent all it's constituents!!!!
Dad: Nonsense.
(dinner arrives at the table)

Waitress: steak and black bean, chicken and cashew, chili squid and sizzling crocodile.
Dad: So A, will you have some sizzling crocodile?
Me: NO! Thank you.
Dad: Why not?
Me: I don't know....it's just not right to eat something with teeth that big.
Dad: Sounds like the same argument you had for not getting rid of the States....


Christina said...

LOL! "It's just not right" is a perfectly permissable argument!

BTW, alligator is actually quite yummy. This coming from a person who hates most seafood/reptiles.

Brittany said...

Crocodile?? I just have to say "ewww" to that!

Arizaphale said...

When it arrived, rather than looking like a large hunk of flesh eating reptile, it actually looked like delicately flaked pieces of chicken. I was shamed into trying a small piece. It was bland and chicken like although slightly more chewy. I wonder why it's ok to eat something with feathers and not with scales?