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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Netball Begins With A Bang and a Zoom

Summer netball has been over for 2 weeks and Winter netball is about to commence. This means my Saturdays are no longer my own, not to mention Wednesday nights which is practice night.

This Wednesday was a 'big practice' with new rules from the International Netball Association being announced to all and sundry. They apply from Saturday.
"What about a 'grace' period?" one worried parent/coach/umpire(?) inquired.
"We've had it; it's expired," the President of the Club informed us.

Huh. Not much time to internalise these new rules then. Rules such as

* only one 2 minute injury time allowed per qurter. After that, clear the bodies off the court in 30 secs and make sure it is not the coach doing the clearing or they may use the opportunity to deviously 'coach' some of the still standing players as well.

* make any substitutions and position changes during that 30 secs as well.

* if the ball leaves the court during play, the court remains 'live' and anyone caught in any 'biffo' with the opposition during that time will be penalised as usual.

* repeated infringments of a rule by a player can result in a personal 'warning'. (THIS MEANS YOU BABY ANGEL YOU GRATUITOUS CONTACT-ER)

* if there is an on court emergency (nuclear war? lightning strike?) the Umpire has the discretion to clear the court. No coaches allowed on court at this time (there might be more of that devious coaching while everyone is otherwise distracted!).

* the Timer will call a 30 sec and a 10 sec warning before start of play in each quarter. If a team fails to take the court promptly, the Umpire may award the GAME to the other team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I quite like this one.

I get so narky with the precious little madams as they get drinks and fiddle with their hair clips and fail to listen to their coach, even when she's NOT being devious, at half time etc. The number of times they wander over to us for a cuddle or to whinge about something while the Umpire is calling 'Back on COURT!!" for the third time and they saunter over with that 13 year old
"when I'M ready" look on their faces. >:-(.........I will be quite pleased to see them lose because of it. It's about time they learned to do what they're told!!

Still, not long until Saturday's match to come to terms with all these new regulations. (there were more but I've forgotten them. Not a good sign. And no, we didn't get a written copy.....don't ask me why....something to do with the new rule books not being in print yet....)

Yes, not long indeed until that round of Saturday rosters, scoring, timing and oranges. What am I on this week? Oh yes, timing. Match starts at 3.15pm.....on Saturday......

OH MY GOD!!!!!!

We're meant to be seeing my parents off at the airport as they fly back to the UK for an unknown length of time, on Saturday. AT 3.30PM.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I've already said I'd help out another Mum who can't get there by giving her daughter a lift.

Why does my life have to be so complicated?


Brittany said...

I feel tired after reading your posts. lol :) I mean that in a nice way- I promise. You're just so full of energy and you're always GOING GOING GOING! :) I love it!!!!

Arizaphale said...

Hmmm. recently I've been feeling 'going going GONE'!!
But today I am steam cleaning our carpets. Anything to get out of school work.

Chris in Happy Valley said...

God, tell me about complicated...

Sorry I've not been in touch yet. Still trying to find my feet, and a phone, and internet, and some sleep. Maybe during the week?

carrie said...

I steam cleaned all of our area rugs last week...it is one of those "blech-must-do" projects, but man is there anything that gives you greater satisfaction than emptying out the nasty dirty water and knowing your rugs are clean(er!)?

So how did you solve the being in 2 places at once dilemma?

Arizaphale said...

Chris: No problem. Thank Sinead for the rain...and hail!!!! :-)(you obviously brought it with you to justify the pram cover)

Carrie:Rugs done! Great sense of job satisfaction. and Himself helped out with the 'two places at once' thing.