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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Happy Birthday Little Sis!!!!

Today, 40 years ago, was Easter Monday and we were sitting in the kitchen of The Bestie's house, down the road, waiting to hear news of the arrival of our new baby.

Our dad walked in and announced that we had a sister! I don't know about you Middle Sis but I remember being delighted that it was another girl.

Unfortunately, 40 years later, here I am 12,000 miles away from both my sisters and unable to share in the super 40th birthday party held in honour of my Little Sis on Saturday night (I hope she got the delivery today though).

Of course, my Mum and Dad are also here 12,000 miles away from their youngest daughter on this special day. I can only imagine what it must be like to have your children scattered all over the globe. Alright, Middle Sis does live in the UK too but she is so frequently overseas on business that it must sometimes feel as if she lives in another country, or at least another world.

Nevertheless, in celebration of our youngest (immediate) family member, I give you,
My Little Sis growing up.

Here she is with Middle Sis (aged about 4 or 5).

And this one with me (she's about 2 and I'm 11.....remember what I said about 'Ugliest Kid Ever Award' Maggie? You weren't even in the running).

Awwwww....first day of school. Who did our haircuts in those days Mum?????????? Yikes.

Still around 5, with one of the guinea pigs which suffered a terrible fate and broke Middle Sis's heart. Look at the length(?) of that dress!!!! Mother! What were you thinking??? Oh that's right, you were probably wearing one about the same length!!!
Here we are in 1976: Mum, Little Sis (7), Grandma, Me at almost 16 and Middle Sis at 12(?).
A quick note on my stunning outfit. It was an Art project! I designed, tie dyed and sewed it together myself! I think I got 9/10 and never wore it again. But I digress.
Aged seven or eight, the ubiquitous bath shot! She is going to hate me for that one. Don't worry! The next ones are starting to get better......OK, not that much better. This one must be pretty close on the heels of the previous one, even though the dates are a year apart. Here she is in her new school uniform, about to start at our Alma Mater. I believe the summer uniform has also changed thank the Lord as this one was hideous. My dad used to say they were designed to make us look as unmarriageable as possible! (so you could concentrate on your studies of course). But in this shot Little Sis is modelling how NOT to wear the uniform because, as I recall, sandals and socks were verbotin and the jumper was not allowed to be worn with the summer uniform outside the school. The correct attire was summer uniform with blazer!

And now, a bit of a jump.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm sorry Sis, I couldn't resist that one!!!!!!!!!!!

That's a bit better, with our handsome Dad! I think that's one of the Christmas cakes she made in Home Ec. at school. Unlike me, my Little Sis is accomplished and competent in the kitchen!

Now look at her, all grown up and beautiful. I love this photo of her. It's one of the few she sent me while she was growing up in the UK and I was back over here in Australia.

And here she is on our infamous 18-30s Ski Experience in 1987. She barely scraped in at the 18 y/o end of the spectrum and at 26 I barely scraped in at the 30s end :-). Middle Sis was definitely the target demographic for that trip.

Now how beautiful is THAT????? That is my Little Sis being a bridesmaid for me in 1992. Is she not gorgeous????

And here she is in all her glory at her wedding in 1995. That's her vair vair handsome husband escorting her. We love our brother-in-law...he's fab. (Quick, take her away, take her awaaaaaayyy!!!!!!!) Hahahaha.

And finally, I leave you with a recent photo from her visit here in January.
Happy birthday lovely sister. You are a treasure and a joy, a wonderful mother, a loving sister and a valuable friend. Thank you for the last 40 years. Thank you for my niece and nephew and thank you for just being you.


Amy Jo said...

What a lovely tribute to your sis! Also, can I just add that you and BA could be twins in that tie-dye photo!

Middle Sis said...

That is just wonderful - I feel quite joyful and tearful at the same time! Some terrific memories there and some fabulous shots of her and - yes - I had a bwhahahah moment with the bow tie and pigtails - ho ho. But what about that last photo - is that a navy blue white spotted playsuit hovering nearby??????

Arizaphale said...

That's enough out of you Middle Sis!

Arizaphale said...

And by the way, I owe you one of these so be warned!!!!!

Middle Sis said...


SSG said...

Great birthday tribute! She is so cute and looks identical as a child to your niece!

Happy 40th!!!!

Elisa said...

How sweet!!!

Lovely tribute!

Gotta just love the clothing from back in the day... :)

Great post!!

little sis said...

Hi sis - thank you so much for a lovely birthday tribute!! Inspired as ever.... unlike the dodgy fringe and bow tie (cringe!). Photos hold many memories and although some we may prefer to forget some (!), it's lovely to see these again. Thank you so much for doing it :>) I've had a lovely birthday which has lasted almost a week!! Talk about milking it! xx

little sis said...
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Angel said...

What a lovely post for your sister. She's beautiful and looks very young!

You were a gorgeous little girl and young woman! What are you talking about?!

A Free Man said...

Hey, Happy Birthday! And, next time you visit, I'll hold her if you want to give her a smack for posting that nudie shot.

Stacy said...

That is such a lovely post about your sister. :) Of course, that bath tub photo...umm, I think payback on that may be due LOL!

Unknown said...

Oh, my stars! That is an awesome little trip over the last 40 years! What a great tribute.

Happy (belated!) birthday, little sis!

Bonnie said...

What a neat set of photos ! I love all those old photos ....