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Youth is wasted on the young.

Monday, 15 October 2018

You Can Can Can Too

By the crikeys the 'come down' from 'We Will Rock You' was hard. Hard, because I'd loved the show. Hard, because the production process had not been easy.

Magically, at a particularly low moment, a friend from Sugar messaged me to say someone had dropped out of the cast of another show, 'Can Can'. There was not really a 'role', it was ensemble work, and not much to do at that....but at least we could have a few beers together!

Amazing how convincing beer can be :D

And so I joined the cast of Can Can. Now, this is no ordinary amateur cast! One of our dancers has just returned from 9 months working in Paris at the REAL Moulin Rouge!!!She is also one of the beautiful 'Cats' I did make up for in 2015!

Another of the dancers is set to join a Spanish contemporary dance troupe in the new Year! We are blessed indeed by their outstanding talent!

The rest of us are bog standard really.  :-D

But I feel so included. So much a part of the furniture. And for a girl whose life has been constantly in motion, this is a good feeling.
I think they're going to encourage me to joint the board and take over the marketing and publicity role.....(I've heard rumours :-D)

Well. That may be a good thing.


I am feeling more like I have a place to 'belong' recently. And although my role in Can Can is minor (in the extreme) I will be eternally grateful for the camaraderie I have encountered on this production.

If the Bass in the Saskatchewan can...baby you can, Can Can tooooooooo.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Poem For My Kid: Lemon Butter

My mother made lemon butter.
Yellow, creamy, sweet.

My mother made lemon butter.
Golden, creamy, sharp

It sighed into jars, retrieved from the cupboard
It heaped into jars, recycled and quirky

My mother made lemon butter

It exploded on my tongue
Followed,  buttery sunshine
It filled my spoon
Like liquid, honeyed love

My mother made lemon butter

Yellow as my hair
Sweet as my curls
Sharp as my will

I consume it all.

When you taste it, daughter
Will you think of me?