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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Post Where I Catch Up On Everything.....

First of all there was New Year's Eve; hot, with very good company, swimming and some of this:

Then there was the January Ugly; a party by our pool where we started off with this:

followed up with a bit of this:

moved on to this:
decided it was the right occasion to finally open this:

(21 Year aged Chivas Regal, bottled in honour of the Queen's Coronation in 1954(?))
which resulted in faces like these:

and the pool looking like this:


After that there was a whole Sunday in recovery mode.

Then I started sewing again.
This is one is for Himself and once more a closer look at the print is in order.

And finally, there is THIS!Whew.

The holidays are roaring rapidly towards their inevitable fragmentation and conclusion. Next week the teachers are back for two days and, realistically, probably three. We then have a four day weekend in celebration of Australia Day and it's back to the frontlines on Wednesday the 27th :-(

We also have to cross the bridge that is the Baby Angel's new school. She gets back from Sydney on Friday and then there will be time for the nerves and dread to set in. I'm hoping Grandma and Grandad will take her on her first day to smooth the road.

Meanwhile, I am making the most of my time with Mum and Dad. I had better start doing some school prep though; I have started having those 'back at school in front of the class and having never looked at the text book before' dreams!

Friday, 8 January 2010

In Praise of Contact Lenses

I wandered around the house, biting my bottom lip in confusion. Where had I put my glasses? I checked the usual spots, retraced my steps in my head. I'd been up to the pool for a swim...perhaps I 'd taken them off there? Braving the blast furnace that greeted me as I swung open the back screen, I scampered up the grey stone stairs to the pool area, unwilling to pause or even glance around as radiated heat assaulted me from every surface. I reached the relative safety of the market umbrella over the rickety wooden picnic table and peered through the sudden shadow with my less than efficient eyesight, patting the warm wooden surface for good measure.

No glasses.

Sighing, I glanced back towards the house. Something in the bottom of the pool caught my attention. Leaves? No. There was something both vaguely familiar and disturbing about the shape.

Can't see it? Look closely.

Please tell me I did not dive into the pool wearing my glasses.

OK. Don't bother.

The tricky bit of course was getting them out. You see apart from the diving in thing, I don't put my head under the water. I know; stupid, illogical, whatever! I can do it with diving goggles on but even then I can't get all the way down to the bottom of the deep end and stay there long enough to grab something. I have tried on numerous occasions but after one or two strokes I explode upwards in an explosion of silver bubbles and emerge with a tortured gasp for air.

My family find it quite amusing. Ask Himself about the time I tried to scrub the sides of the pool whilst wearing a snorkel.

Anyway. I got them out with the long handled leaf scooper thing. And collected a few of those leaf babies while I was there!

I am nothing if not resourceful.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Because Size Matters

I am enjoying my holiday slug time and I am enjoying my new overlocker. Here's my latest projects, a shirt for my oldest stepson and one for my nephew in the UK. I loved this fabric. It says 'men' to me.....because after all, size does matter!