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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Boys and Technical Theatre Stuff

Now this sounds just plain wrong but I am learning that boys and technical theatre 'stuff'...just don't go together!!

We are in the theatre this week and what a week its proving to be. The first run throughs have been fraught with technical difficulties as we discover exactly what it was the directors intended when they blocked a particular scene. I have had to take off my costume 'hat' and put on my stage manager's 'hat' now we are in technical run mode. The poor kids in the cast are confused by the change in role and as I stand with my headset on, squinting at the script with my inadequate glasses and frantically peering around trying to see if the stage crew (I'll come to THEM in a minute) have cleared the stage ready for the light cue, they come up to me half dressed and say things that costume coordinators love to hear. Things like 'Do I have a costume for this scene?' or
'Will this (indicates totally unacceptable article of clothing which fails to meet any of the specified criteria) be alright for the Finale?'

I have been palming them off on my saintly assistant, Mrs Jones. A mother of one of the cast, she has been invaluable throughout this process and continues to work miracles in the dressing room with my sewing machine, scissors, an iron and a packet of pins. I think we have just about got everyone dressed bar a few shoe issues. One of the girls who is supposed to be a Neo-Nazi or a punk or something was horrified when I suggested she wear my husband's old leather boots with thick socks. Honestly, they're only a size too big and will be ok once I put some shoelaces in them!!!! She doesn't look very threatening in a leather jacket and bare feet. These kids are just not willing to sacrifice things for their art like we were at their age!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

But back to boys.

Our tech crew are drawn from the ranks of the AV class. These are the boys who love to play with PhotoShop, create powerpoints and music video clips and play fantasy games. They are SO into their computers that the idea of sitting waiting for a cue is unthinkable and they use the time in between cues to 'improve' the slides for the backdrop or 'loop' a sound effect...or even search the internet for a better sound effect/ slide!!

The backstage crew are drawn from the ranks of the 'this sounds like a good way to get out of a week of school' class. On the first day they stood around in the wings playing cards and looked very put out when anyone asked them to move anything...a finger for example. In fact if asked to do anything at all they looked at each other and a, "Who wants to do it? Do you want to do it? No I'll do the next one.", conversation ensued. I recall berating one of them who seemed oblivious, the reason becoming obvious when he pulled an earphone out of his ear and said "Huh?" New rule, no mp3 players backstage!!!!

But the classic is 'intercom protocol'. For those unfamiliar with backstage work, the stage manager, lighting staff, a/v operators, conductor and sound desk are all on headphones. We are thus able to communicate with each other from our various locations around the theatre and, theoretically, coordinate a smoothly running show. Theoretically. On the first day I donned my headset and said,
"Stage here, do I have lights? Can you hear me lights?" The girls responded with appropriate 'yes we're here noises' and I explained that the SM needs a response when I ask anything
so that I know they can hear me. When I call them to stand by a cue, they need to acknowledge me so that I know we are good to go. OK they responded, 'standing by'.....

Now, "Sound, are you there?"
"It's Reggie here."
"Good to know but can you just respond to 'sound' and acknowledge when I ask you anything?"
"A/v are you there? A/v? A/v............!!!!!"
"I don't think he has his headset on," the lighting girls helpfully informed me.
"Could he please PUT it on??? A/v....A/v are you there??? SPEAK to me A/v"
"Errr...yea, I'm here. I heard you the first time."
(ggrrrrr...restrain myself...take deep breaths...inform again about need to acknowledge quickly)
"OK. Reggie, could you check the mikes on OP? Reggie? Reggie are you there?(fume....) Sound can you hear me????"
"Errr.......it's Max here"
"Max, are you on sound? (yes) Then why didn't you answer?"
"Well, you were talking to Reggie."
(deep breathing madly and speaking through gritted teeth) "Max, is Reggie on the desk???"
"No, I am."


In fact, I think the A/v acknowledge me by nodding. I cannot count the number of times they haven't had their headsets on, or have heard me and not let me know. Frequently they ask for lengthy cues so they can get 'set up'............and then spectacularly fail to switch the machine on in time.....or switch it on so we can see the advert for the manufacturer. When asked why they are slow with their cues they seem irritated.
"Well, we're rather busy at the moment."
"Doing WHAT???"
"Renaming the clips."
"Could you possibly do that AFTER the show????"

I listed all the cues for A/v but foolishly I named them 1,2,3 etc. This confused them because the slides are also named 1,2,3. The fact that I have carefully described each cue eg
'Cue 5: Slide 6 off' does not seem to help them. They still put up slide 5 for cue 5.

Ah well. Tomorrow is another day and we have an 11am matinee performance for our feeder school 'Sunrise'. Wish us luck!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 24 September 2007

Best Shot Monday: Happy Boy

He has been so much happier these last few weeks. He hugs me, he tells me he loves me.....

I still make him pick stuff up......

Kick over to Picture This and check out some sensational shots.

Banner Update

After my rejection of his first design, Himself put together a completely different concept which I love!! Except for the font.
A: Why is this font all messy.
H: Well, it represents freedom and creativity. It's kind of 'out there'.

(He often talks like this)
A: It looks kind of manic.
H: What's your point?
A: Alright, so I'm a bit manic, but look at all the little dots...like ink splotches...I would NEVER do ink splotches....I'm too anally retentive...

After this exchange I went to my computer and starting looking at fonts. I was after something whimsical and perhaps a little 'forgetful', after all where DID I put that flaming sword? I was trying various handwriting styles when Himself came past and snorted with disgust.

A: What? You don't like these? I'm just trying things out.
H: The font is a design element. It is part of the overall picture, if I change the font I start all over again with a new design concept.
A: But I LIKE the background and the image...its just the messy font which doesn't feel like me. It's too....disturbed
H: It's got attitude, like your blog.
A: (mildly outraged)What do you mean my blog has attitude?
H: I've read some of it....it definitely has attitude.
A: (minor panic...which bits has he read?) Really?
H: Yes, and if I change the font I change the whole design....or you can go find another designer.

Now you see, this is the problem with professionals. They don't like to listen to their clients. Anyway, I tried all the usual wife things, sitting on his lap, asking how much he loved me....but he remained intractable. However, something must have hit his sentimental nerve because the following morning I had a new email with a new version and a new font. As I had requested, it was free flowing handwriting with NO splotches and dots.

I didn't like it.

He was right. The font was an element of the design. He even did a version where he took the dots out for me....and I didn't like it. He was right. It took away from the overall design.

I guess that's why he's a designer.

So, now to figure out how to load the banner. Any ideas. I've looked at the HTML page and my head started to explode.

Note To Self

Do not write posts at 2am whilst under the influence of nostalgia and champagne.

Sunday, 23 September 2007


I have just got back from my high school 30 year reunion.

I'm just letting that sink in.

Thirty. Years.

The night had an inauspicious beginning. As a friend and I pulled up, we saw another, similarly aged woman, struggling along the road. We should have known things were amiss when she was suddenly at our window.
"Do you know where the XYZ Function Room is?" she gasped, in a voice which had clearly seen too many cigarette packets.
"Of course, we're going the same way," we cheerfully responded.
On the way to the function I thought to ask her what she'd been doing since school.
"Well," she wheezed, "I've had a bad week...........My rabbit died."

Fortunately, after this revelation, things picked up and it was marvelous to see all the 'old girls' from their various walks of life. There seemed to be a lot of physiotherapists there I must say or maybe that was just what the first girl said and after that they all rolled into one.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we partied on to not one but two other pubs so the hour is now officially LATE>

Saturday, 22 September 2007

The Musical Approaches

I have officially finished teaching for the Term. Well, I have to prepare 15 'reliefs' for next week as I leave my poisonous babies to torment a temporary teacher or two but other than that I am FREE!

Next week we go into the theatre.

'Bump in' is 8am Monday followed by a run through and an afternoon tech meeting. Last night the Director, Choreographer and myself (Stage Manager) sat around my dining table and nutted out every cue. There are light cues, curtain and fly cues and AV cues. I am hoping the Conductor can cue herself. Monday afternoon we'll sit with the Lighting Tech at the theatre and do the plot....

On Thursday night one of the dancers was talking to me about costumes and mentioned the moment when they throw back their hoods.
"What hoods would they be?" I inquired with a growing sense of alarm.
"Oh," she chirped,"We all wear these cloaks with hoods as we come on and then we throw them back to reveal our costumes underneath."
"Who is WE?"
"All, the chorus," she prattled on, oblivious to the effect her words were having on me.

There are 20 girls in the chorus.

Twenty black hooded cloaks which we do not have one week out of the opening night.

Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah(hysterical laughter)

An emergency meeting with the apologetic director who could not work out how no one had mentioned the cloaks before. gggggrrrr

Fortunately we have 20 academic gowns. The latest idea is that we cut out 20 pieces of black cloth and drape them veil like over the kids heads and let the academic gowns do the rest. Sheesh.

On another note, the theatre we're going to has many memories for me. When I was in my teens I was a member of a local theatre company who put on musical shows for children every school holiday. My first production was 'Pinocchio' at 15 followed by 'Noddy and his Magic Bicycle', 'Mary Poppins' and 'Humphrey Bear and His Magic Shoes'. My starring role was as Rabbit in 'Winnie The Pooh' in my first year of Uni and my last production in that theatre was 'Snow White' which I sort of fell into
1 day off the plane when I returned from my year overseas, back packing and the like.

In that production I replaced my little sister who was working backstage, when she was struck down with terrible bronchitis. As well as turning the stage revolves and helping with quick changes, I ended up operating a smoke machine and stage managing part of the performance when our stage manager had to fill in for an actor who had failed to turn up. (he was sacked) I also filled in for another girl who, towards the end of the run (each show ran for 2 weeks, two shows a day and a matinee on Saturdays) was taken ill, and so I became the Wicked Witch in disguise...with apple and all. So from being a temporary fill-in I managed to get quite a range of experience in a number of fields during that show!!

Ever since then I have loved stage managing. It appeals to my bossy, anally retentive Sagittarian nature.
"Stand by light cue 25......go cue 25"

So I will be back in my beloved Scott Theatre for the first time in 27 years. This place contains so many memories for me. Many firsts. First loves, first heartbreak, first success, first drinks (ooer), so many laughs and stories, retold so many times.
Some of my colleagues from that time have gone on to national fame, notably Shaun Micallef who was a skinny, lanky Jerry Lewis fan when I replaced him as stage manager in Snow White.

Here is a sample of Shaun's humour from some years ago. I found it on his fan site . (he has a FAN SITE...who would have thunk it!)

Friday, 21 September 2007

Oh Boy Oh Boy

Himself is making me a new banner!!!! (As if he hasn't got enough to do)
Of course I am being a difficult client and have rejected his first offer.
"Too edgy", I said.
"Well it IS a sword dear."
"Ah....good point."

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Theme Thursday: Freedom

Freedom is jumping in puddles when no one tells you to stop: my niece and nephew revelling in the English Summer.

Freedom is a feeling. It knows no age or gender boundaries: my sister and brother-in-law rediscovering their inner child.

Free your mind over at Picture This for Theme Thursday.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

This is a Real Sunset

My husband doesn't believe me ( because he was cooking dinner at the time and would not deign to leave his creations in order to delight at this phenomenal scene) but most of this sunset is reflection! You can just about see the hazy horizon where the sea meets the sky and the colour fades from pink to blue. The visible rim of the sun is whiter and the orange part is the reflection on the sea. Whether he believes me or not....I think it was awesome! Unfortunately I had to use digital zoom as it was fast disappearing by the time I got to it...so it is a bit noisy....but it was a gorgeous sunset nevertheless.

Bye... off to make gypsy trousers hahahahaha........no really............at least reports are done.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Best Shot Monday: Through Baby Angel's Eyes

Isn't that a cute shot? Not mine I'll have to admit. I have been so steeped in work that I have had to hand over custody of Best Shot Monday to the Baby Angel who took the l'il ole PAS out to the National Park on the weekend with Himself and the Small Boy. I thought this was a great one of The Small Boy who was in fine form this weekend; it really captures his cheeky side!
She was also blown away by a creek they found on their bike riding trip and took multiple photos, discovering the vagaries of the auto exposure and focus. The one above I've fiddled with as it was a bit washed out and I think it gives a lovely sense of the pretty setting and the intrepid explorer. Apparently he was giving her advice as to where she should shoot from :-). Must be his father's genes.
She was quite pleased with this one which shows the scale of the burnt out gum tree near the play park.

And here's another beauty as they played in the wooden fort. Shame about the legs in the back ground.

All in all I think she did a great job of capturing the afternoon's adventures. I can see that she will be wanting her own photo blog before long. Hmmm, not sure if our family could cope with more than one blogger in the house!!!!!

She was feeling SO creative this week that when I mentioned last Thursday's 'Theme Thursday' she came up with an idea! It was almost bedtime so I took some very quick snaps with the PAS (the Coolpix battery was flat :-( .... ) and then completely failed to post as I got swamped by work. So, in a bit of a cheat, because it was her idea and I promised her I'd post it.....I give you

Belated Theme Thursday: Three-The Quest for More Time

That's My Girl!!!! *beam beam*

Pop over to Picture This to see what other Best Shots there are this week! Happy Monday.

Crazy Coaster: Glossary

Re: The previous post.

A Dagwood Dog is a frankfurter (hot dog sausage, wiener???) on a stick covered in batter and oft dipped in tomato sauce (ketchup).

A Kewpie Doll is a celluloid doll in a voluminous skirt...on a stick.

Fairy Floss: spun sugar......on a stick.

Royal Show: Consumer Hell on Earth....on a stick.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

The Crazy Coaster or 'How Not To Survive the Show'

Baby Angel and I took our life in our hands at the Royal Show on Friday night. If you saw my Best Shot Monday post you will know that she has done this ride before and she was most insistent that the two of us do it together. This is one of those commercial shots they take as you are dropping almost vertically down the most intense part of the slope. There is so much I like about this shot.

Check out the BA and I hanging onto each other's hands.
Check out the cultural difference between the manner in which we deal with the excitement and that of our lovely co-riders next to us!
Could I get my mouth open any wider??? (don't answer that)


The Show has become an annual torture for our family due to my husband's complete and utter hatred of all places crowded and of Shows in particular.

Now, to be fair, it is a colossal waste of money, a consumerised hell hole, a pageant of rip-off and frenzy BUT- the kids love it. We did as kids. It is a part of childhood!
Who as a child did not get lost at the Show? Who did not spend hours trying to work out which over priced, rubbish filled Show Bag to buy? Who has not thrown up on a ride...or been the laughing stock of their friendship group by refusing to go on ANY rides? Who has not eaten dagwood dogs, bought kewpie dolls or held the pink and green dyed newly born chicks in the poultry house? (Why DID they dye those chicks pink and green?????)

But Himself cannot bear it. Cannot. Bear. It.

This is a man who hates the local shopping mall because he claims women deliberately stick out their elbows to prevent him passing in a crowd. At Christmas he waits until late night Christmas Eve and does it all in one hit to 'get it over with'. He has been known to phone me (inside the mall) from the carpark outside to let me know he's had enough and has had to go out for air.
On Friday night he finally admitted that the crowds give him panic attacks.

But each year, his Small Boy wants to go to the Show and he wants to go with his Dad.

I know for a fact that when we first met and went to the Show with the kids together, about 2 months into our relationship, he was eternally grateful to have someone to share the painful experience with. As time has passed I have learned that it is my job to take the kids into the Showbag Hall (Hell on Earth) while Himself waits outside at the Starbucks equivalent. I try to sort out some kind of plan for the visit which will enable everyone to see what they want to see, give Himself a few breaks and keep the bank balance under control. (the first year we came home with the ugliest 3 ft tall stuffed dog because Small Boy wanted one)

This year we made the mistake of going on a Friday night after a particularly hard week when both of us were knackered. The car park nearly undid us. The police had redirected traffic so that there was only one way in and it was not either of the first two ways we approached the park!! Himself was rope-able. Tyres squealed, language flew and the previously excited and chattering kids in the back were silent and ashen as Dad 'lost his rag'. After enduring this for a few minutes I pointed out that the parking arrangements were not the fault of anyone within the car.

From this inauspicious beginning we struggled to find the carnival mood. Small Boy was overly excited and talking 25 to the dozen in the face of his father's sullen silence, I was overly cheerfully trying to make up for dad's lack of communication and Baby Angel had a face like thunder and kept muttering things like 'over reacting' when she thought only I was in ear shot. I just wish he 'got' the whole point of the exercise. It's about experience and memories. It's about tradition and sharing. Even if what you share is shallow, gaudy and over priced, these are the events that define childhood. The Sharing part!!

We made straight for the food stalls to feed the man. He relaxed a bit with a burger inside him and we managed to make for the Main Arena where the sounds of V8 engines beckoned. (*sigh*)

That's my boys, there; Himself is the one with the cowboy hat and the slumped shoulders

At this point the Baby Angel managed to peel me off and we made for the rides together. The Crazy Coaster was the first experience and it cheered us up no end. We then made for The Mad Mouse, the 40 year old roller coaster in its last year of operation. Thank Goodness. It was funny as we lined up I was filled with memories of my last trip on the Mouse, back in about 1979 I think. I remembered it as breathtaking and exhilarating, full of 90 degree turns whilst peering over an edge...you know the kind of thing. This time around, all I was aware of was the clunking and rattling sensation of the ancient cogs and chains. The Baby Angel loved it. Three words kept running through my head, 'Health and Safety'.......

But we survived and then went on a concerted hunt for costumes and props for the musical. I kid you not! We found punk wigs and el cheapo matching tracksuit tops for a 'Gym' scene. All in all it was a very successful shopping experience. :-)

We made it back to the Main Arena in time to see some lunatic motorcyclists doing somersaults over jumps and to find himself and the Small Boy emerging from the Showbag Hall with the prescribed number of bags......within budget. Excellent result. We stayed for the fireworks and made our way home in a much more cheerful frame of mind than that in which we had arrived. With kids bedded down Himself apologised and explained how much the crowds bothered him and we agreed that there was little point in him going if he was going to spoil it for everyone else.
So it looks like that might be his last year at the Show. I just don't get it. For me its about the kids and how much they enjoy it. Its about the excitement, the wonder, the silliness
.........the Bunnie Ears!!
Oh well. It takes all types and at least at the end of the night Small Boy had had a good time, seen lots of stunt cars, eaten hot dogs, got his show bags and not had a hissy fit.

Result really.

Roll on the Christmas Pageant.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

My Bestie

My Bestie has been around ever since I moved into her street (well, she was there first) at the age of 4. I lived at no 11 and she lived at no 8 and apart from one other family who didn't have children until we were a bit older, we were the only kids on the street so we naturally gravitated towards each other. It helped that we were both bright, loved reading, musicals and games (Scrabble, cards, Mousetrap...you name it!).

We went to the same Church together for years, in fact she was Confirmed before me. AND she was younger! A source of great angst on my part. In fact I repaid my parents for deciding I was too immature for Confirmation by refusing to agree to the process the following year.........until they bought me a Jackson Five record. You can see I was so ready.

Interestingly, Bestie has repayed the Anglican Church of Australia by becoming one of the most outspoken cynics and Athiests I know (and there are lots here in Aus!!). Many a long night has been spent in wine fuelled debate over our respective beliefs. On one notable occasion, whilst hotly discussing the Church in my car, I managed to sideswipe my gatepost most spectacularly!! But I digress.

Bestie and I attended the same High School although, by virtue of 6 months, she was in the year below me and eventually through my year off backpacking around Europe, ended up at University together jointly making a half hearted attempt at studying Law! I suspect my deferral after second year did her a favour as I was no longer around to 'lead her astray' and she actually went on to become a fully fledged LLB whereas I spent the next three years bumming around the eastern states trying to work out what to do with my life.

She has since gone on to become CEO of a great number and variety of Associations, the most fascinating of which is the most recent. Being a gal with a great social conscience she has taken on leadership of a charity. Being also a gal with a penchant for the controversial (unlike me hem hem) it is a charity related to the great social Plague which so decimated certain segments of our society in the 80s and continues to ravage the African nation to this day. Its a cause she feels passionately about, especially as it relates to women and more importantly, culturally disempowered women.

My Bestie has the biggest heart around. It is also possible that she has the biggest bazookas, for which I am continually envious. My prayer for her is that her gentle soul never again be decimated as it has been in the past. I pray that she finds love and companionship and all the wonderful things in life that she deserves.

She deserves to be happy.

Love Ya Bestie.


Oooooooo. I've just noticed my site counter has clicked over the 2000 mark. How exciting!!!
(I keep wanting to say 'How excitement' which my Australian readers would recognise as an 'Effie-ism' but I think the US and UK contingent would just wonder what on earth I was doing teaching English.) (Probably a reasonable question anyway.)

Aaaaanyway. The fact that probably about 100 of those clicks are my own before I discovered Bloglines and del.ici.ous (or whatever its called...silly putting dots in the middle) is immaterial and takes nothing away from my childish enthusiasm. My stepson (18) just shakes his head at me.

Flying Post

Up til 3am this morning. Marked the last of the Battle of Hastings. Organised some lessons for today. Cleared backlog of History bookwork (ask me anything you like about medieval castles). Finished last of Y8 English essays.

Woke early to take BA to bus stop...hooray, she has a pupil free day! I don't have to start til 10.30am so oh boy oh boy....................................I get to cut out gypsy waistcoats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And you thought I was going to sleep in!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Failure To Launch

That was last night. I went around to my Bestie's place for our usual Tuesday night tea together, got back around 8.30pm, went for a lie down and didn't bother getting up again; except to take off my clothes at 11.30pm.

So. No work done last night!

I paid for my big sleep today though with general lack of preparedness in the classroom resulting in unsettled kids. Especially in maths.

Year 9 English did have a few good goes at writing Limericks however. I LOVE writing Limericks and it always amazes me how kids just don't get how the lines scan.

We used to make them up for our kids when they were little. Here's mine for The Baby Angel.

There was a young lady called Cleo
Who played violin in a trio
She fancied a fellow
Who played on the cello
And now they are flying to Rio!!!!!!

Here however, are some Y9 efforts for your enjoyment.

There once was a young man called Rees
Who hopped on a plane to Greece
The service was poor
So he walked out the door
And failed to land in one piece

Not bad!!! I favoured ....'and made a quick landing in Nice'.... but as most of them had no idea where or what Nice was, I was outvoted.

There was a young man called Brandon
Who carried a very big lantern
It dropped on the ground
The pieces couldn't be found
He observed this and threw a big tantrum.

Hmmmmm. Ok, moving quickly on to the quiet boy in the back of the room whose mouth would not melt butter.

There was a young man called Larry
Who looked for a woman to marry
He found a young girl
Her hair was in curls
But it turned out her real name was Barry

Enough said.

was last seen writing something about a wet T shirt competition which
'....left her covering herself bashf''ly....'

but Meagan was a star.

There was a young lady called Meagan
Who once got a ticket for speedin'
The car was so slow
And the gauge was so low
Twas an obviously incorrect readin'


Good grief. What AM I teaching them?

I 'd Just Like to Thank.........

Yes, yes, I have my first award!!!!

This award is given for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world.

Thank you so much to the gorgeous Brittany over at Mommee and Her Boys who has to be the epitomy of nice it must be said.

(Actually, its a bit of a cheat because I was given this one the other week by another VERY nice blogger, the lovely Melody over at The Hipmommas's Journal and I was just too thick to work out how to put it up!!! )

But duh! I figured it out...just save the image and cut and paste. Sometimes I think this blogging thing is more complicated than it is.

Now the tricky bit is...who to pass the award on to! Not tricky because I can't think of anyone....there are scores of wonderful 'nice' bloggers out there whom I thoroughly enjoy reading! The trouble is...most of them have already been awarded!!!!! :-D Which is a good thing. So I shall check my 'delicious' thingy and see which one of you deserving, hard working and inspirational bloggers has yet to be awarded with 'Nice'. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Best Shot Monday: Out Of Control

In more ways than one.....

The Baby Angel at the Royal Show on the weekend.

Gotta go gotta go.........running late for school. Marked 21 essays last night before pitching forward into the assessment criteria and snoring.

Have realised I must make 4 more fully lined waistcoats for the musical. And a pair of pants.

Have realised I must be forcibly restrained from taking on jobs like this in the future.

I assume there are more lovely best shots over at Tracey's but I will have to look at them in another lifetime!!!

Monday, 10 September 2007

While I Was Sleeping (for 3 hours)

Last night I dreamed I was marking essays on the Battle of Hastings whilst sewing shiny gypsy style costumes. Or maybe I was wearing the gypsy costume whilst fighting the Battle of Hastings. Either way, I also dreamed I had forgotten to turn up to school for lessons and Y8 was left stranded in the library without a teacher..............
............only 3 weeks until holidays.

Revised blogging diet for this week will be more of a 'cut down'. I will try and post but will leave blog reading until the end of the week. Sheesh. And they call this living. :-)

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Results of Blogging Diet? Work loss: 1 Maths Test

Exhibit A: A pile of marking

After almost a week of my blogging diet I feel like I am no further ahead than when I started. I have been sewing all day and have only managed one lined waistcoat (with trim). There are still two piles of essays to mark and another one due Monday. Reports are due the following Monday and the following week is the Musical.

*sigh* Where does the time go?

Small Boy is back this weekend after a two week absence caused by a) his normal weekend off and
b) his father's camping trip last weekend.

As the AFL Football Finals commenced this weekend, Himself took Small Boy to see Port Power play the West Coast Eagles at AAMI Stadium on Friday night. It was apparently a thrilling match with The Power triumphing by 3 points. The boys rolled back in at about 11.30pm when I was already out like a light so I didn't find out until this morning about the 5 km walk they had to undertake to get from the traffic jam to the stadium. (They gave up trying to get into the car park and parked in a side street).

After his late night, Small Boy was up at 7.30am and convinced Dad to take him down to the skate park with his micro scooter....you know the ones. Apparently Himself got some good shots of him catching some 'air' so I hope to get my hands on those for a Best Shot Monday post. But I digress. After a few hours at the skate park, he came home looking very pale/flushed and sounding a bit snippy.

I suggested (from my sewing machine) that dad try and get some food into him and I think he managed a chocolate yoghurt (great >:-( ) but that was about it. He did perk up a bit after the yoghurt and then went down to help Dad clean the Jeep. After another hour or so he came back up exhausted and complaining of a headache. Of course he wouldn't take any Kid's Panadol (hates medicine), wouldn't eat anything and eventually at about 4pm he took himself off to bed.

We woke him at 7.30pm for dinner and he was crabby indeed. I got him some cordial (sugar rush) which sweetened him up a bit (pardon the pun) but he wouldn't eat any dinner and continued to complain of a headache. Eventually he went and had a shower as this is apparently what his Mum suggests when he is sick (understandable if he won't take medicine, anything to make him feel he is taking positive steps towards feeling better) and he settled himself onto the couch.

There was the usual minor hissy fit over bedtime but we managed to pack him off at around 8.45pm. Not bad considering how much sleep he had in the late afternoon. I really hope he was just over tired ....and perhaps dehydrated, although Himself assures me that he drank plenty of water at the skate park. Tomorrow is another day...........

The point of all of this is that I continued to sew throughout and let Dad deal with him. He did ask me for things and come to tell me of his unwellness but apart from a ladleful of sympathy I let his Dad make all the unpopular decisions (bedtime for example) and deal with trying to make him feel better. I think he did eventually get some Panadol into him, which I am sure I never could have achieved.

I think some of our problems with the Little Lad lie in the fact that I am too ready to mother and that Dad is too ready to let me. At the end of the day, Small Boy comes to see and interact with his Dad. If I do all the interacting I think he can feel rejected and resentful.... and guess who cops that.

It is such a tricky area. I am just really glad that with all the unwellness and crabbiness today he did not descend into hysterical tantrums. Such a relief. Let's hope he's feeling better tomorrow.

On a brighter note, Baby Angel went to the Royal Show today with three of her friends and a very brave father!!!! She went with the target of overcoming her fear of 'rides' and going on a few with her mates.

"I am taking baby steps towards it Mum," she informed me afterwards,"and I did manage the Crazy Coaster and the Prison Break Maze."

I am not sure whether to be pleased or alarmed. The "Prison Break Maze"????????? What is THAT all about????? Whatever happened to The Teacups and The Dodgem Cars??????? From what I could gather it was simply a 'Ghost Train' experience...on foot and with prisoners instead of mummies and vampires! That would be our TV culture society again. What will be next? The 'Ugly Betty' ride where you walk through a maze being insulted by a bunch of pretentious anorexics and ruthless magazine editors? The 'Lost' ride where you wander round a jungle set while carnival types dressed as 'smoke monsters' throw co-incidences at you?

I think I must be getting old.

Hope you all had a great week and weekend!!!!

Thursday, 6 September 2007

The Face behind the Blog

OK. Firstly, I know I'm not meant to be 'on' at the moment but I couldn't resist a sneak peek at Theme Thursday (Exposure: who wouldn't want to have a look at that!!!!!!) and of course one thing lead to another and I had to have a bit of a squizz at some of my fave blogs .....

Well, I'm glad I did because I have been tagged for my first meme. (You know, I still don't know what that means but I get the gist of it). Christina at Momology tagged me for this "Face Behind the Blog" meme. Now, even though I am not shy, like some of you others, about putting up pix of myself...this is a bit over the top. Here is a veritable 'Me Fest'!!! How I grew up in 10 pictures.

Number 1. This is me aged 1 on the boat to Australia, about to become an Aussie for life. It was the 'Fancy Dress Night' and I am done up as a Charleston Baby!
Aged about 3 I think, in our first Housing Commission house in the suburbs of Adelaide. Obviously demonstrating a love (if not talent) for music. Look at those freckles!!! This whole sequence should be an ad for the Cancer Council! How NOT to treat your fair child's skin.
On to our family home, aged about five or six. That kitten belonged to our cat, Cleo, who was later accused by my mother of being an unfit animal to name my daughter after. (I ignored her)
Do not ask me what I am wearing!!! I blame my mother. (mwah, big kisses Mam)
Oh yuck! These were the ugly years. Aged 12 at my grandmother's house in the UK. Yes, that's her behind me and my youngest sister at my knee.
Aged about 14 I think. Outside the family home and (if you look closely) already exhibiting the tell tale signs of skin damage around the eyes.
At 18 I took off to see the world. This was taken in Rennes in France as I boarded my train with my Eurorail pass. That was a journey which was to shape my life. What a baby I was!!!!
Now I just HAD to include this one for the outfit. It was the Eighties!!!! This was my first 'property', bought with my dad in the exclusive Sydney suburb of Vaucluse. I loved it. Don't feel the same way about the skirt, ear rings or mullet however!!!!!
Aged 32 at my first wedding. Spot my two sisters (easy: both on the left of me)! The tall and gorgeous one on my right is my Bestie (check out her Blog if you dare) who may never forgive me for that hairdo. The little blonde is another dear friend from the eastern states.
Had to put this one in as it was the culmination of my 'growing up' really. Yes, we had a water birth and I can highly recommend it. One of our favourite things about this photo is the blow up life preserver!!!! That's my Mum there with me, being a fantastic birth partner and very proud first time Grandma (she's an old hand at it now with three grandchildren).
And finally, my reward for growing up! Himself and I at our surprise wedding in 2005 in our backyard. It was meant to be a housewarming party and we threw in the wedding as a bonus.
So that is 'The Face Behind the Blog'. Thanks Christina for the opportunity to indulge myself and I now tag AmyJo at The Cheese Party, Kim at Cancio, Melody at The Hipmomma's Journal and Dawn at How I See It!!! I wanna see more of these ladies!!!!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

One Last Post Before My Blogging Diet

Oh...I have just clarified something with the Baby Angel.

Recently I announced that she had renamed herself Bee and I have been referring to her by this moniker ever since, causing some confusion I might add. (Sorry Christina)

Well today she's informed me (by phone; she's in Sydney) that she likes me calling her Baby Angel and Bee is just for her friends and her My Space page. Silly me.

Oh and she told me to stop blogging and get on with Sunday School.

So now I really AM going.


I am not meant to be blogging. I have 1000000000000 things to do. Primarily I should be getting organised for Kidzone tomorrow. Then there's housework. I have two lots of essays to mark. I have 6 skirts and trouser sets to cut out and sew for The Musical. The garden has not been weeded since May. I am due at my Bestie's house for dinner later this afternoon.
I should NOT be blogging.

Now I am going to be a GOOD girl and stop. I am also going to limit my blogging this week. I will not do a Best Shot Monday. (Everyone's away this weekend anyway so there's no one to take photos of :-)) I MAY not do a Theme Thursday (I'll just check out what the theme is first though). I will not read all my favourite blogs this week but will focus on clearing the decks instead. After all, reports are due again in two weeks time!!!!!!!!!!

So. That's it. For now. I can do it, I know I can do it.

I'll just miss it.

Bye for now........






You hang up first.