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Youth is wasted on the young.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Checking Into The Blogosphere

Twenty groups attended our first open inspection on Sunday. Precisely zero of them were interested in buying the house.

Currently I am working backstage in an amateur production of 'Evita' here in Adelaide.  I have an enormous emotional attachment to the show, having shared a flat with an original cast member in 1980, so it is a bit of a thrill to be involved in any way possible. That 'way' is as a 'dresser'. This means I help people get in an out of costumes, often VERY fast!

Tonight, the dress rehearsal, we finally got everyone onstage in time. Except Evita who went on to the balcony with the back of her dress open. Oh well, no one noticed :-)

Meanwhile, my lovely Mum and Dad have arrived from the UK and I am embarrassed not to have my ubiquitous 'arrival' photo to display here. In my defence, this was because their place was delayed and I had to go to work rather than meet them at the airport. Still, they're here!

Roll on next Open Inspection....