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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Waiting Game

I am so excited...Dr O'C the long suffering partner of A Freeman is in labour!!!!!!!!!
We are waiting with bated breath! The BA and I (and AFM if the truth be known) are hoping for a girl. I have my embroidery needle handy, ready to start on the baby vests once I know whether it's roses or diggers!!!!!


SSG said...

oooh i am excited too now! that is awesome!!!!

i have a quilt ready made, but it's already in girl colours, so if it's a boy, i hope he likes pink!!!!

jealous you are there!!xxx

headbang8 said...

Does the creepy baby widget keep track of progress in labour, too?

Maggie said...

So exciting!! My fingers are crossed for a quick and easy delivery!

carrie said...

oh...i sense some crafty tuesdays in the making if it is a girl...well, i suppose if it is a boy, too. but oooohhh!! girls! squee!

hope all went well.