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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Theme Thursday: Fall

Of course, it's not Fall here. In the annual seasonal anachronism, Australia and the States face weather patterns at opposite ends of the spectrum and themes which prove perennially difficult to work with :-)
So as Amy Jo and her fellow Yanks produce beautiful, whimsical shots of the last apple on the tree and the leaves changing from green to gold, I give you "to fall". The verb.

This is a picture of my child falling. Yes, she is in there somewhere. She who howled so insistently at Tokyo Disney that we had to hand her to an assistant whilst we went on the 3 minute simulator ride without her (remember headbang?); and similarly at Thorpe Park when faced with the Tidal Wave (oh by the way, watch the video right to the end..it is an awesome ride!!! The bit at the end is the ONLY bit the BA would be involved with :-D). She who never forgave me for making her go on the log flume at Paulton's Park in 2001. The very same girl, this year, without further ado, very little thought and a bevy of friends, went on XXXL! (I'm sure there's a way to pronounce that but I can't be thinking about it now).

This shot gives you a better idea of the size of the ride and the action of the 'carts' as they spin.
I stood underneath ( braving the danger of falling vomit) snapping furiously and trying to 'catch' the carts as they 'fell' over me. The top shot was the best I could manage.

By the time the BA emerged, flushed, breathless and swollen with excitement at her own bravery, I had almost forgotten she was up there amongst the lights and smoke! This of course did not go down well. :-) I made amends by taking the obligatory 'group shot'.

The whole Royal Show experience this year is one of those milestone moments in the gradual move toward independence that marks the passage of 'growing up'. Last year she went with a friend in the company of his parents and they wandered the show making intermittent connections with the parent body. At about 5.30pm I arrived and she abandoned her 'mate' in favour of mum and we had a grand old time together.

THIS year we did the whole 'why can't I have a day off school to go? ' thing (don't worry I held my Flaming Sword high!!! >:-) and we compromised over an after school excursion with a group of friends and me meeting them after my musical rehearsal and doing the whole 'drop everybody home' thing. The BA said she would do the rides and all with her friends and then, like last year, join me in the gadget hall and petting farm.


From the moment I arrived and tried to ring them I was confronted with unintelligible, screamed, giggly phone conversations, promises to meet 'in a few minutes' and a group of very excited, very happy teens.

Having taken her photo on XXXL it was evident that I was superfluous to requirements and so I meandered off to see the baby animals and cake decorating on my own. This was not before the following conversation ensued:

BA: flinging herself onto my back and shrieking in my ear over the noise of the fairground
rides.Muuuuuuum!!! HI!!! OMG! What is that on your head??????

Me: referring to the perfectly conservative leather cowboy hat I had purchased on special from the Scouts
Outdoor Sports shop. What? This?

BA (and friends): YES!!! Hahahahahahahaha. You are SOOOOOO funny Mum!!!!!!!!

Me: That's rich coming from people wearing halos, devil horns and flashing bunny ears on their

And so I felt it neccesary to move away from my chick as she spread her wings in a (relatively) safe environment in the bosom of her friends. And of course it was FINE and I/she survived perfectly well, but nonetheless it was a change.

As are these laughing clowns. Now I don't wish to be politically incorrect but was it necessary to paint them brown?

And what about this handball competition game?

Could you get any more sexist?

Or this; possibly the most tasteless super slide in history?

But the petting zoo was as good as ever. Look at these beautiful baby emus....
and those sweet chicks and their interloping bunny friend.

The beautiful flower displays were as good as ever and sideshow alley hasn't changed much. And of course we ended with fireworks.
Which I watched alone.
By the time I had met up with the gang and dropped all the girls off home, the BA was asleep in her seat. Not so grown up after all.

I wonder how we'll 'do' the show next year?

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headbang8 said...

Yes, I do remember the space-flight simulator. I remember that it was followed by that silly little R2D2 clone who (not unsurprisingly) blew a fuse in Japanese, which was probably funnier than hearing it in English.

You've posted that great picture of you and BA in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle, fromour trip to Disneyrand, on your website before.

With your permission, may I use it again on mine, to make a point? Not one about the BA and your fine self, you'll be pleased to hear!

Amy Jo said...

Wow! That ride looks impressive. I remember standing on line for a big coaster with my SIL and BIL when they were about the BA's age, and they chickened out at the last minute.

You sound like such a good mum. I wish you were more nearby so I could watch and learn by example!

Happy Spring!

Arizaphale said...

Dear Amy Jo...you are too kind.I have my moments but the BA keeps telling me she loves me so...perhaps I'm doing ok?
Headbang: I'd forgotten about the Japanese R2D2...but not 'It's A Small World' in Japanese...

Maggie said...

Oh what fun! But just looking at that ride makes me feel queasy...

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh I think I've seen that slide (well, one like it more likely) and had a similar thought. Clever on the theme interpretation! Looks like a good time and very sweet on the comment about falling asleep. :-)

Sande said...

{sighs} .. substance at a show.

Is that anything like easter show?

Your story is right on the eve of a Luna Park visit ... how appropriate

A Free Man said...

A co-ed outing! A date is going to be next...