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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Because She's Going To The Chapel...er well ...the parklands actually.

Is that one happy bride to be?
As some of you know, my Bestie of many, many years, is getting married again in November. She has been on a weight loss regime to fit into a fabulous dress and yesterday was the appointed day for seeing 'what was out there'. She had a vague idea of what she wanted but she was willing to be open minded and see what suited.

We started the day with a 9am champagne breakfast at a swish restaurant on the east side of Adelaide. There were eight of us: Bestie and her mum of course, the BA and I, three other close girlfriends, one from as far back as school days and the Bestie's cousin. Our instructions were to be brutally honest up until the point that she was a quivering wreck because nothing looked right, after which we had to reassure her that she looked fabulous. Pretty straight forward really.

We hit the first shop like a whirlwind. Like my Bestie and I, her friends and family are nothing if not vocal and voluble however, the staff were unfazed. Bestie announced her need, her colour choices and her desire for a dress which could be 'worn again'. Rather than laughing us off of the red velvet settee, the ladies selected two or three faaabulous and voluminous 'frocks' and the Bestie tried them on.

Meanwhile several of the party were combing the racks for something for the BA and I. My choices were limited as the other witness already has her fabulous dress and we have decided to link together through colour. The BA's choices were limited by me.

"No, too old. Too short. Too black. Too see through. Too sophisticated. Nope. Nope. No. No. No."
But then with a smile, "Here, what about this nice pink, chiffon number?"

Back at the massive, velvet cutained change room, the Bestie had a second dress on (the first having been summarily dismissed!). We gathered for a viewing.

Wow. Pretty stunning!

Could it be done in the unusual (for a wedding anyway) colour choice? Yes. The fabric? Yes. The time frame?????????
Phew, don't look so worried Bestie, they could squeak it in on this particular style although most others in the shop took 6 weeks to order.

So everything was looking good. Even the price was not completely out of the question!
Alright, maybe some people thought it was out of the question :-)

Meanwhile, back in the bridal party section I had tried on what could only be described as a 'matronly' number. The support group were horrified. "What are you thinking?" squealed the Cousin, "we need to sex you up!!!!!!"

I will admit to being a little disturbed by the prospect but in the spirit of keeping an open mind I agreed to try a little black dress on.I was pleasantly surprised. Of course I had to take my glasses off so perhaps I wasn't seeing clearly but no, everyone assured me it looked lovely. And the price was also not out of the question! Amazing. It was still only 11.00am.

(note glasses hidden behind my back)

But we are seasoned shoppers. We know not to fall at the first hurdle and so it was on to other shops to see what else was on offer. Not a lot as it turns out!!

Having decided pretty much that our first stop was the best, we spent a bit of time trying things on the BA who has a small but crucial role in the proceedings. I didn't get a photo of the dress we loved on her but it doesn't matter because with a price tag of $550 she wasn't getting it anyway! At least we have a style in mind however and I will probably end up making her something once The Musical frenzy is over.

And so onto lunch.

What a lovely day we had; all girls together in the spring sunshine. There's nothing like a wedding to lift everyone's spirits. The Bestie's mum whom we all adore kept us entertained with stories of her own wedding and how much things had changed since her day. I wonder whether I will be a calm and collected mother of the bride when it is my turn?


Blueberry said...

oh i love it! you look fabulous in that dress!! :)

natalie said...

One word:


No, that's not quite right:


That's better.

Girl, you look HOT!!! SEXALICIOUS! in that black number!

Arizaphale said...

You crack me up!!!

Mid Sis said...

Dahling - that's a helluv a look! And not a sheep or Baaaaaa in sight!!! xxx

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

What fun! It does look great on you too!

Stacy said...

Oh, you look great in that black number...simply stunning! :) What a fun day with the girlfriends, too. Looked like it was a hoot!

A Free Man said...

When was there sunshine this weekend? Must have slept through it...

Arizaphale said...

Middle Sis: I blame Mother for the Bo-Beep numbers....;-)

AFM: That happens when you're a new parent. No comment on the dress then? Very diplomatic :-D