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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Devastation or: Let Me Eat Cake or: You Can Never Have Enough Diggers

Did A Free Man claim that the 2 year old Boy Z was 'devastated' when his sensational Digger birthday cake was cut up and served? Let me tell you, you cannot believe everything you read on the internet. Photographic evidence now, that is a different story!

Firstly, I give you the sensational Digger cake in detail. Well done Dr O'C. If this was a 'first effort' I can't wait to see where your skills develop!

Next a slightly worried Boy Z, but that was only because a number of strange people were singing him Happy Birthday.

Now, a tentative 'try'.

What is this orange stuff?

I think he likes it!!!

Hmmmm....these supporting struts taste pretty good.

I wonder what happens if you put it in this way.

OK, this could be a knife and fork job.

Huh. I've had enough of this. I've got more important things to get on with, like.....

.......opening presents!!!!!

Happy Birthday Boy Z!! Thanks for having us :-)


K said...

AMAZING pix and amazing cake

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Yeah he looks totally devastated all right...


Sande said...

My 15 year old had a birthday yesterday. He would have looovvved that cake.

The start of your little mans love affair with diggers no doubt :)

carrie said...

oh that cake is divine!
when i first read the title i thought it was "You can never have enough Duggars." (As in the family about to have their 19th child!)

Just figured out why you never commented on the Duggars...Diggers, ahhhh....

I'm a wee bit slow this week.

susiej said...

OMG!! What a cool cake... shoveling what else? More candy!!! Straight to his heart with love... what a cute cake.

A Free Man said...

Glad you got some good photos. Ours are few and far between. One of the problems of hosting the party is you don't really have time to take photos!

方大同Khalil said...
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