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Saturday, 12 September 2009

SOOC Saturday: The Telephone

Did I mention I was involved with The School Musical? Well, next week we are 'in the theatre' and the pressure and job list is mounting. One of my responsibilities is to acquire props, preferably in keeping with the period of the show; in this case The Depression, circa 1933. We needed a telephone. Well, I knew exactly where to go. The BA's best friend's father is a phone-o-phile. I just knew that he would have exactly the right phone for the period. And I mean exactly!

Me: Please say no if you don't feel comfortable about this, but I was wondering if you would be able to lend us a period phone for the musical. Just a for a week. We'll take really good care of it.

Him: Hmmm. What period?

Me: 1930s, Depression.

Him: Australian or American?

Me: Well American but it doesn't really ma-

Him: Wall phone, table phone or desk phone?

Me: Errr... desk...

Him: Operator connected or dial phone?

Me: (thinks: what???????) ...ummmm, I'm not sure.....I'll have to check the script...

Him: I think I can help but I must tell you that these phones are not museum pieces, they're historical pieces but they're not in mint condition.

Me: Really, it's not a problem..

Him: hmm yes, well, they are made of bakelite which becomes more brittle with age so they can break easily if dropped.

Me: I can assure you, our stage hands are the most delightful, sensible kids(this is true). They will take really good care of it.

Him: Alright then, come and pick it up tomorrow.

When I arrived the next night, this gorgeous old phone was waiting for me along with a few apologies ("I've changed the handset to a more easily replaceable one if it breaks so it's not actually completely authentic") and a print out of a similar model being sold on ebay.

The model on ebay went for US$1325.00

So, no pressure there.

Later that day, by email, he also helpfully included dialling instructions.

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Sande said...

Ha ha ... and more ha's. That really tickles me a bit more than usual. See, I worked for the manager of Telecom {now telstra} who had such a collection.

carrie said...

wow. really? wow.

Anonymous said...

I love old phones! How neat to have a connection (no pun:)) like that.

Lisa said...

That is extremely cool!

robin said...

Cool phone! It's awesome that you know someone who has so many to choose from (and who has taken such good care of them.) Good luck with the rest of the props you need for the musical.

melody is slurping life said...

The phone is a beautiful relic [i love old phones]. The video made me LOL.

So if the kids break the phone, who pays? :O

Arizaphale said...

The kids will. not. break. the. phone.

Jewelz said...

ooohhh.....soap and water Melody! The Kids Will Not Break The Phone!
How very VERY cool that you had this amazing 'resource' at hand!
Thank you for sharing.