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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Someone Notify the RSPCC

I thought I was doing ok. Alright, I had lost my sense of humour a bit over the failed costume which made Annie look like a 6 ft giant, but I had recovered and I was calmly going about the business of school, musical, family and friends.

I made plans to visit A Free Family and their gorgeous little new addition; I prepared for a full on meeting with the mother of Lance Boy to try and resolve some of his issues; I continued to ignore the submission which is overdue; I took up hems and replaced buttons on second hand costumes; I mentally prepared to empty my office and classroom by lunchtime today in order that the carpet layers could commence their mammoth task. Everything seemed to be roughly under control.

At 3.30pm I was besieged by 40 kids all asking me one of (or a form of) the following:
"Mrs A, I need a costume for..."
"Mrs A have you made my costume?"
"Mrs A, my costume is too short/big/long/small/pig ugly"
"Mrs A, what shoes do I need?"
"Mrs A, I can't find my costume!"

When the rehearsal finished at 5.30pm, I was suddenly alone with a room load of chaos. Think 40 kids, two to three costumes each, limited hanging space and general lack of 'hanging' skills. By the time I had restored some sense of order it was 6pm and I elected to leave the piles of costumes left in the change rooms where they were. They can find out next week that they don't know where their costumes are.

I made my way back to my half carpeted office and rescued my mobile phone to find that I had four missed calls and a text. Two were from A Free Man letting us know that we were ok to visit after school and the rest were from the receptionist at the BA's school letting me know that she was still there waiting for me to pick her up!

She had been waiting three hours.

I had forgotten that I was meant to pick her up before rehearsals started.

BAD mother :-(

When I spoke to her she was in the receptionist's car being take home. How embarrassing. I burst into tears as I apologised profusely and she, sweet girl that she is, forgave me.

Needless to say we did not make it to see A Free Baby but we are determined to get there tomorrow night. At least I'll have time to make him a little present.

I've got to stop juggling so many balls.


Elisa said...

Oh Dear,

I feel for you! Hang in there - is this production close to being wrapped up? (HOPE SO!)

Take care!!!!

Kevin C Jones said...

The show must go on. And the shoe must fit Cinderella. You seem to be breaking 2 legs -

Mid Sis said...

Don't remind her of how her auntie left her to walk home in 46C - I still haven't recovered from the guilt and she's probably developing a complex! xxx

Arizaphale said...

Middle Sis: Given the dual abandonment she still seems relatively well adjusted! :-)
Elisa: 17th and 18th of Sept...but really, I'm loving it....I just like to complain. I think the carpet was the straw that broke the camel's back. They only told us on Monday that it was happening!!!!!!!!
Cash McBuck: Have you never heard of stuffing the toe with extra socks???

A Free Man said...

Ah, builds character I reckon. She seems reasonably well adjusted all things considered.

K said...

many many many many hugs
How stressful it sounds so many balls in the air !!!