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Saturday, 13 September 2008

Weekly Wrap as Another One gets Going

I think I will borrow an idea from the very lovely Brittany over at
Mommee and Her Boys today (get well soon B), and have a 'Weekly Wrap'. There has been lots happening but not much time to put together polished blog posts.

Monday: celebrating the purchase of my new toy to replace my beloved ipod. OK it doesn't have shuffle or playlists, no LED readout so I have to remember the titles of songs myself and it is only 1GB but it is very cute don't you think? I got it at the airport whilst waiting for the Baby Angel to arrive back from Sydney after Father's Day. At $55.00 (with tax) and with volume and fast forward controls on the ears....how could I resist?

Another frustrating day in the salt mines.

Wednesday: Yet more frustration in the salt mines. Yr 9 in particular are doing my head in.
In the evening I attended a lovely Baby Shower for our friends Rachel and Paul who are expecting in 3 weeks. All the girls were given a dummy(pacifier) on a ribbon as we entered and told that the forbidden word was 'baby'. If we heard anyone say it we could take off our 'necklace' and give it to them. Conversely, if you said it and anyone heard, you could end up wearing a bunch yourself. I think I had 6 on at one point!! On a positive note I won two contests. The first was naming the 'baby' animals. Did you know that a baby alpaca is called a 'cira'? Neither did I, nevertheless I still topped the game with 14/18 and won a nice bottle of bubbly. The next game was a series of scrambled words around children and childbirth. I managed to unscramble them first and again got the highest score. Another bottle of bubbly!!!! Oh boy. Actually I felt a bit bad at getting two so I 'auctioned off' the second one by asking a tie breaker trivia question: what is the gap where the baby's skull has yet to knit together called? Any idea? Yes! The fontanelle. You may have a bottle of bubbly :-)

When I got home, apart from my outpouring of baby nostalgia, I had to do a voice over for Himself. Some government promo DVD for a new Indigenous Festival. My gravelly, emotion ridden voice must have gone down a treat because they've totally rewritten the script to make it longer and more emotional and I have to do the whole thing again :-( On the positive side, I get paid for it!!! On the negative side, I seem to have acquired a case of spring hayfever complete with ropey throat and blocked sinuses. Perhaps it will make me sound even more sincere.

Thursday: an horrendous day in the trenches. I was forced to go and vent my anger and frustration to the Deputy Principal after the Year 9 lesson. I vented so much that he was forced to go home sick afterwards. :-) There are some days you just shouldn't get out of bed.

When I got home I took the BA to pieces for having 'no homework' AGAIN and nothing written in her diary. >:-( Is it not bad enough that I have to chase kids at school without having to come home and start all over again. As she retired to her room, slamming the door behind her and I collapsed onto the couch near desperation at my inability to acquit myself successfully in any area of my life, Himself rang to say he was at the Small Boy's football presentation night and was bringing him home for a sleep-over as he had a 'Show Day' (more about those later) on the Friday. At this point I seriously considered leaving home.

Fortunately, when I went through to tell the BA I was considering de-camping for the night, she was overcome with remorse and admitted that she needed to work harder and stop slacking off and threw her arms around me and told me she loved me and suddenly, I could cope with everything again. I put away the car keys and started dealing with life again.

Friday: The BA and the Small Boy both had a Show Day. These are pupil free days given by the schools to provide kids with a chance to go to the Royal Show. Those of you who have read The Flaming Sword for a year may remember how much Himself loves this
annual family event; so much so that he decided to give it a miss this year. To tell the truth we were all probably relieved that we wouldn't have to grit our teeth through his 'losing it' in; the car park, the showbags hall, the food court and the car park again on the way home. Small Boy went with his Mum and the Baby Angel went with a school friend with plans for me to meet her there after school.

In the meantime, Friday was the day of the Great Year 8 Ice Rink Excursion.
I got to go with them hooray hooray. I LOVE ice skating. I'm not particularly good but every time I go I come away wanting to take lessons. This is the BA and I several years ago in the UK doing one of our fave things which is skating in the open air! No chance of that here in Adelaide. (photo by my beloved Unka Dick)

Nevertheless, one of the two ice rinks in our fair town is but a block away from school, a fact which has hitherto escaped my notice. I mean, I knew where it was, I just hadn't put together how close it was and how easily I could get there oh, say...after work!!!

But I digress. The Y8 excursion was met with great excitement and as we walked all 80 of them down the road to the rink there were many inquiries as to whether I could skate. Here at last was a chance for me to gain some street cred, something sadly lacking for those of us who are over 30 and maths teachers!

And gain it I did!!!! One of the coolest boys in Year 8 asked me to ice dance with him!!!! Well, at least to skate around the rink in a ballroom hold to the squeals of delight from other students. I am so easily pleased nowadays. The only downers of the day were the fact that the canteen was not opened in time for lunch and we had hordes of ravenous teenagers ready to gnaw the blade off an ice skate in hunger. A couple of the other teachers left in search of a shop which might be able to whip something up quickly for the mob as those of us remaining toyed with calling for pizzas. Turns out there was a strip club style hotel on the next corner and our two intrepid teachers braved the bar and ordered $100.00 worth of fish and chips 'to go'!!! Let me see, hordes or hungry teenagers or a strip club? I'd go with the strip club any day!!

The only other event to mar the otherwise delightful afternoon was the all out, full on, tooth and fist brawl which unfortunately broke out on the ice between two young, testosterone ridden lads vying for social supremacy. It had apparently been building at school during the week with much bravado and threats and, in the environment of the rink where both lads were pretty impressive skaters, they had been bumping each other, cutting each other off and the like until one of them took it too far, slammed the other into the wall and punched him as he went down. Well, it was on for young and old. It took two of us to hold the smaller one back. He was beside himself. The air was afire with the language, much of it involving how 'dead' the other one was now. Phew.
The cocky 'winner' was hauled off by the male teacher and I was left the calm and console the injured party with the anger management issues.

Nevertheless, once they had been escorted (separately) back to school to meet with the Deputy, the afternoon proceeded with minimum fuss. I was even beginning to master the art of the transition between skating forwards and backwards! I think the BA and I will be back for a skate soon.

After school it was off to the Show where I met a very excited Baby Angel who was waiting for me to accompany her on The Big Dipper, for the fourth time! I made her work for it though. She had to accompany me through the gadgets hall where we had our hands exfoliated, sat on massage chairs, tried out exercise machines and finally had the pleasure of watching an electric steam mop demonstration. I really lusted after that steam mop. I couldn't afford it though so I booked a 'Show Special' Chemdry carpet clean at the next booth instead. The BA says I have reached a new low in lameness.

Finally I could put it off no longer. We queued for 'The Big Dipper'.
This (see right) is a similar device and as you can see, you get to go upside down which was actually not the worst part! I think the worst parts were the low tight turns where you were thrown over on your side. I am still trying to decide whether the crick I am currently suffering in my neck was a result of holding back the furious Yr8 boy, sleeping badly last night, or the Big Dipper. I am getting old.

To counteract the excitement we watched the dog obedience display before packing into the arena for the looney idiot boys on motocross bikes throwing their legs in the air at 80mph whilst clearing a jump. For God's sake! What is wrong with these people????? Why leave a perfectly safe ground? The fireworks were soothing in comparison.

Saturday: Great excitement as we attended the birthday of Boy Z (not a baby anymore) at the home of A Free Man and the lovely Dr O'C. Now, I cannot say why, and the BA agrees with me, but Baby Z is the only baby in the world who does not love me! In fact, he bursts into tears whenever he sees me. All I have to do is smile and say 'Hi Z' and his face crumples. Is it the glasses? I have started taking them off when I am around him. It is beginning to give me a complex.

Nevertheless, we had a wonderful time meeting some delightful people and feasting on sensational BBQ and a rather dubious duck cake.
Well, it was probably not that dubious until it fell over in the car on the way back from the shop, and until Dr O'C, in deference to a request from a cousin, cut its face off. Mind you, it didn't alter the taste as evidenced by my two large pieces....mmmmmmmm.

I did manage to get a couple of nice shots of Boy Z 'opening' his presents....with a zoom lens so I wasn't close enough to provoke the inevitable hysteria. I blame the balloon that unfortunately burst just as I picked him up. I will be forever connected with that loud unpleasant noise. The BA however seems to be a big fave with him. Humph. I intend to resort to bribery.

So that was our week. Tonight I am writing reports (See me write. Write arizaphale, write.) and we have finally had a visit from No 2 Son. He spent the afternoon clearing out his room and packing everything into boxes. Looks like we may get that guest room after all.

After an initially awkward period we managed to speak to each other quite cordially although there was no discussion as to the nature of the rift or anything of any depth. It just didn't seem to be the right time. Who am I kidding, it will never be the right time.

Have a lovely week everyone.

image credit: big dipper


Brittany said...

You can take ideas from me, anytime! :)

Ok...so your week made me tired. VERY tired. Ice skating looks like it was a blast. I want to go ice skating- minus the cold weather part. I hate cold weather. LOATHE it. Winter is coming...and I am not so happy about it.

Hope you have a wonderful week! :)

Andi said...

I agree with Brittany...I am exhausted after reading about your week! But what fun...I love your descriptions of what we call the Fair here. In my younger days, I used to LOVE riding rides- the anticipation, the twists and turns, and upside down was my favorite part! Alas...not any more. I have reached an age I never thought would come...my stomach gets queasy at the sight of those things and if I muster up eanough bravery, a sick feeling headache soon arrives. Like Himself, I am not too crazy about crowds these days either.
I think your "Weekly Wrap" is a great idea, especially since your weeks are so busy!
The ice skating sounds lovely...unlike Brittany, I LOVE cold weather, and as it is hot here most of the time, I always long to move somewhere with a REAL winter. We do get cold temperatures from time to time, and we have an indoor ice skating arena in the winter where our hockey team plays- they open it up to ice skaters after the games for a small fee. We took the daughter once, but I knew my ankles were not strong enough to handle that. She had a blast, and was rather good at it for a first timer. Lovely to see though....
So sorry about that crazy fight- such is life for young males of today! I do so hope things get better for you at school with your students!
Wow- I was surprised to hear about the visit from you-know-who! And it is such a step to speak politely to one another! All will not be solved so quickly...baby steps!
Hope this week is just as eventful and fun for you!

SSG said...

ooOOooOhhh! jealous of the fiar the the birthday party, another attack on birds by having a bird cake, eh? Well your life seems really busy too, sometimes it would be nice to decamp and to have a day 'out' of it all, but then, what would they do without you? hope you have a good week

Anonymous said...

Wow, you had quite a week! I have had no words lately, so me weeks have been done in pictures. Oh well. Our fair comes in a couple of weeks. Grayson loves it, but this will be Grant's first time. I am so jealous you got to be at Boy Z's party. This is the first time in my life that none of my friends/family have babies for me to squish. I am having such serious withdrawals, I may have to volunteer at the maternity ward sometimes. :(

Maggie said...

What a week! I love your new mp3 player -- it is SO CUTE! And it also looks like it would bounce amd maybe not break if dropped...which is never a bad thing!

And the ice skating sounds so fun -- I love to ice skate...well, I do for at least the first 5 minutes anyway!

I'm glad to hear that you at least started to slowly improve things with No 2 Son...I'm sure it won't be fast, but you have to start somewhere. I'll be thinking of you guys...

A Free Man said...

Is it "an horrendous" or "a horrendous"? I always thought the former, but I'm forever getting corrected.

Glad you and the BA could come on Saturday to scare and enchant my son, respectively.

Seriously, wouldn't take it personally, he's just extremely anti-social these days. No idea why.

kim said...

You have been busy busy busy.

arizaphale said...

ssg: I am intending to decamp in the holidays and go and visit friends in Sydney. No children,no housework,no Husband....no school.....

just jessie: have another one.You know you want to....

maggie: I will try and avoid testing out the bounce theory. I droppd my first ipod and had to have it replaced by the now stolen one.

AFM: my grammar check is telling me 'a' horrendous is the correct expression but another English teacher here thinks you can do either. Let's face it, grammar check is American after all.

carrie said...

i'm trying to catch up on everything..so this was actually perfect! it made me tired, too - but i love that you made BA go through the "gadgets hall" with you - i LOVE that hall best!