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Monday, 1 September 2008

Hail The Not Quite Conquering Heroine

I know many of our friends and family are wondering how the Baby Angel went in her netball finals. Well, firstly let me say that she has a wonderful group of friends. Look at the card they made for her on Friday!

It's quite amusing that they all call her Bee. I love the persona she's created for herself. Her catch phrase (email, MSN etc) is 'Bee is for beautiful' which kind of makes me well up and also suggests a reasonable level of self esteem I hope.

For some reason, somewhere along the line she has also become known as 'The Mexican' at school. Apparently she once said something in a funny accent and was accused by a friend of sounding like a Mexican. In the way these things evolve, she ended up buying a sombrero and coming home from a friend's party the other day with 'I am not a Mexican' written across her shoulder in felt pen! The running gag has become so entrenched that this is what the inside of her card looks like.

'Ace Gang' is the name her friends have given themselves after the fashion of Georgia Nicholson and her gang.

So, the match. Ah well. The BA played very well. Unfortunately in the first quarter she was about the only one playing and that little debacle ended after 15 minutes with things decidedly (12-2) in the other team's favour. The second quarter saw a massive comeback by The Parkers, outscoring the opposition 10-8 but of course that needed to be consolidated in the third quarter and this just didn't happen.

There were some great moments and a lot of the match was well fought with the BA playing like a cracker for the full 4 quarters. Unfortunately it ended rather lamely at 41-25. The goalies who had been brilliant the week before seemed to forget how to find the goal ring. *sigh*

So once more The Parkers were the bridesmaids. This is the third Grand Final the BA has played and the third they have lost. It would be nice to win one but after all we have to be proud of the fact they even made the final this season as they finished No 4 on the ladder!

Anyway, here she is, none the worse for her disappointment, enjoying a Swiss Shake at
The Pancake Kitchen (We never close: Lovely!)

We went on to enjoy a fun night at the Presentation Dinner where the girls got to dance the night away with a disco and practise looking pained and detached when their mothers got up and took over the dance floor!!! AC-DC forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The big excitement of the night was The BA putting her name down for umpiring next year. She will do a course through the club and be eligible to umpire games at a lower level as well as making $10.00 a game!!!! This coupled with the fact that some of the sailors from Himself's racing team have asked her to baby sit their little 2 year old on the beach during the race season means she will be earning nearly as much as me. This is a good thing though as it's about time she started thinking about savings and income, a skill which will not go astray in the years to come.

So now we have a blissful few weeks off before the summer season starts . Well done BA. You are the netball Queen!!


HipMomma said...

You go, Netball Queen. Does that mean umpiring and not playing? Or both?

Babysitting seems to be a right of passage. How exciting earning money all of your own.

Baby Angel said...

AWWWWWWW thank ya muuma!!

and actually it was my 4th final i have been in and lost
but ahh well:]

and it the words of georgia nicolson "oh i must dash and catch a train, and time and tide waits for no man!!"

luurve ya! BA

A Free Man said...

BA is using yuth speek and I don't understand.

What is it that Roy and H.G. like to say? Losing starts with silver or something to that effect?

Arizaphale said...

All I know is that I had to rewrite the last paragraph as I was obviously falling asleep as I wrote it the first time!!

Yuth speek? I thought it was one of her better efforts :-(

Hipmomma: Playing in one time slot and umpiring in another is how I think it works.

Baby Angel: what happened to "away laughing on a fast camel"????

Anonymous said...

I'm glad she had fun, anyway. Too bad they lost though.

Good for her on the two job thing. I loved babysitting at that age. It's how I spent at least two nights a week, sometimes three for about three years. :) Great practice for these little boysies I'm raising now.