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Youth is wasted on the young.

Monday, 1 September 2008

In Which The Tables Are Turned

"How could you write that about your daughter?" enquired the Free Man at coffee yesterday, "BA, have you seen what your mother has written about you?"

She had.

"Mother," she sighed, exasperated,"You are such a hypocrite. ALL the things you did when you were young! Not to mention wasting your time blogging when you're meant to be working and then telling me off for not doing my homework!"

It's true. I cringed sheepishly accepting the full weight of her accusation squarely on both shoulders.

"Ah, but BA, being a hypocrite is part of being a parent! We know what it was like but time and experience have taught us to know better!" the Free Man came chivalrously to my rescue.

Yea BA, that's right! That's just what I meant to say; thank you A Free Man!

(So why am I sitting here in my free lesson blogging now?)



Brittany said...

ohh busted. ;)

Christina said...

Ha! I'm taking notes for when my offspring is old enough to notice that different rules apply for different members of the family. :o)

A Free Man said...

I'm full of wisdom. Full of something anyway.

Anonymous said...

How nice of a Free Man to bail you out of that sticky situation....Oh wait - isn't he the one that busted you and put in that spot! :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I can't believe AFM ratted you out to the BA like that! You'll have to remember that when Z gets a little older. ;)