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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Puck Wars

We went to see the Small Boy play his second game of in-line hockey today. I wanted to try and get some shots for him but we were up on a balcony in the gym and I had to use the zoom on my pathetic 3.2 mp PAS and I was shooting through the safety net. Still, I got a lot of photos.

Look at no 19!!!!
There he is again! That one's a bit blurry but hey! It's a fast game, hockey, you know!

I could pick him out though because of the blue bottoms on his trousers.

For those who are interested in that sort of thing, the team is called The Wild Hogs and their motto is'100% Ferral'. Hmmm

Look, there he is again!
Not sure what he's actually doing in any of these. There seemed to be a lot of whacking at a puck with sticks.

I really like that one on the left. It's a great action shot. He tried really hard but he wasn't really fast enough most of the time. Still, he was all over the court.

We were waving frantically from the balcony but he was waaay too cool to wave back. Totally absorbed in his game.
Boy we cheered though. When his team scored, even if he was nowhere near the puck we cheered and cheered.

Here he is again. I got quite a few half decent shots really didn't I?
There are more too.

Which is a shame really because, this isn't actually The Small Boy.

We didn't make this discovery until 5 minutes before the end when his Mum arrived and filled us in. I think this is someone called Matt.

The Small Boy, it transpired, wore No 35 and played for the opposing team. Here he is.

That's him side on, smack in the middle at the back. Once you know you can see it's him right? I was a bit shocked by how small he looked really. Considering he's 10. That little girl playing on the right? She's 6.

So I can't really tell you about how he played. We had a quick look at him for the last few minutes but it was difficult to tell what he was capable of in that time. I did get a few shots of him though. Before the siren went.

Oh well. There's always next week.


HipMomma said...

HA, that is too funny. Were you told that he was supposed to wear 19? I don't know, you can't see faces, and they have so much gear on, I'd do the same thing I think. But still nice shots of 19.

Blueberry said...

you were watching the wrong player!! he he! that's kinda funny.

great shots of the mystery skater though.... ;)

Maggie said...

Oh that is hilarious!

And sounds totally like something that I would do.

Brittany said...

ha ha ha. Well, I am still routing for Small Boy, even if he's not the "right" number. lol

Arizaphale said...

Hipmomma: Yes, his father saw him last week and he wore 19. The club has numerous teams though and they get swapped around. Hence the confusion. It was pretty funny. I'm not sure the Small Boy thought so as he had been waving at us (apparently) and we obviously ignored him. OOoops.

A Free Man said...

I hope that they spelled it "Feral" as opposed to the feral spelling "ferral". If not, perhaps I need to go have a chat with these "Hog" people.*

Nice mistaken I.D. What was the other team called.

*Am I being a pedant again?

Arizaphale said...

A Free Man: pedant is my middle name. I humbly apologise for my feral spelling. I think I was thinking of ferric/ferrate and the like ie the hogs are iron and have a valency of three.
The other team are The Bears: 'Go Bearlistic'......

Anonymous said...

Ooooh nooooo! That is funny and tragic at the same time! Did he notice you were cheering for the wrong guy... and the wrong TEAM?? Isn't it Himself's job to know which team/number his son is on???

natalie said...

I laughed out loud SO hard that H got up off the couch, PAUSED HIS BLUE-RAY MOVIE, and came to see what I was laughing about.

Then we both laughed.

ktjrdn said...

This was just hilarious! poor kid. :) but I do the same tihng. One of my friends has someone in soccer and shows me pictures. the only way I know which kid is his is the color of his shoes. If there was someone else out there with red shoes, I'd get confused.

Ha. I'm still laughing.

Anonymous said...

That is the funniest thing I have read in ages! You are such a good sport about it! And fear not - there will be plenty more of those games/matches/contests in the future.

But the funniest was that you had the wrong kid AND the wrong team!

tee hee