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Monday, 31 August 2009

SHE Is A Champion, My Friend

The 2009, U15 Division 5, Winter Netball Grand Final; weather, wet.

This Saturday the Baby Angel's Dad (that's him with Himself)

and Nanny (giving us the Royal wave)

flew in to Adelaide to watch her play her fifth Grand Final in her 7 year netball career. Until Saturday she had always been a runner-up.

Not THIS time baby!!!

Here they are receiving their patches and pennant from the umpire after the game. I think they were a little chilly.

In a convincing win (I forget the exact score but it was about 38/23) the girls finally reaped the rewards of their hard work and good sportsmanship. There are 10 on the team which meant they had to take turns having a quarter off as there are no 'on court' player changes like there are in basketball. "I'm off this quarter"

After the game it was off to the Presentation Dinner, a grand affaire with coloured lights, balloons disco dancing and trophies! Check out the BA's face in this one as she examines her very dubious 'bobble head' trophy! I mean. Whatever happened to a shield mounted on a block of wood????

Congratulations sweetheart. You played a great game and you all supported each other well as a team. You really deserved this win and I hope it will inspire you to keep working at your skills and enjoying your netball for years to come.


Blueberry said...

hooray!! that is fantastic! :)

Amy Jo said...

Bang up job B.A.! Love the uniforms as well. Very sassy!

Brittany said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Way to go BA!!!

headbang8 said...

Master Right and I send congratulations

Mid Sis said...

Yaaaaaaaaay BA!!!!!! Small Sis will be well chuffed too, netballers together eh? My goodness but it looks wet and cold, almost like the British summer :-) x

Stacy said...

Congratulation to BA! That is what hard work will do for you, huh? :) The trophy, though...ummm, a bobble head?? Seriously, they couldn't find something better??

Elisa said...



Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Congrats BA!

A Free Man said...

Well done, BA!