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Saturday, 8 August 2009

I Still Love A Bargain

So today was really interesting; I attended a workshop on Non Violent Response to angry, controlling children; then I left a folder in a coffee shop and so I had to park again in peak hour traffic (after having paid $26.00 to park in a city car park for the day!!!!!!!!!!!) and walk through a shop to get back to the coffee shop and the shop had a sale on and we needed new plates.

What do you mean you 'needed new plates' I hear you ask. I mean, plates are hardly shoes...they don't 'wear out'?! Well, hellooooo. Yes they do! Especially if children stack the dishwasher and your plates come out chipped and cracked beyond redemption.

But plates are expensive I also hear you say (especially you mum); you shouldn't be wasting money on plates when you already have plates, regardless of their cracks and chips.
Well, ho ho ho ye of little faith!

Harris Scarfe had a sale on and I got these lovely plates (colour hasn't come out well) for the princely sum of $2.00 a plate!!!!!! And they were marked at $14.00 each!The names of the colours give you more of an indication. The plain ones are called Marscapone Gloss, the dark ones Chocolat Gloss and the interdeterminate front colour is Green Tea Gloss!!!
Twelve plates for $24.00 and they are dishwasher safe!
And because we needed something to tie things together;
$5.00!!!!!!!!!! (colour also forced and unnatural) I must try to photograph in daylight more often :-)

Hope you're enjoying the weather wherever you are.


HipMomma said...

Um, hmm. We are recording breaking in regards to weather here. We've reached 40+ days this summer in over 100 degree heat. Enjoying it? Not so much. We spend a lot of time in the pool.

I would have bought the plates too. I love that color.

carrie said...

Oh, I would have bought them in a heartbeat. We really NEEED plates as well. "Chippy" and "Crackle" are starting to spread the wealth to the stack of other plates. That is the best bargain!

Stacy said...

Oh you can't pass up a stellar deal like that, now can you?? Great job on snagging those lovely new plates.

Brian was trying to convince me the other day that I wanted to buy new plates. There is nothing wrong with the ones we had and hadn't broke hardly any at that point. The next day I broke one. Totally not on purpose, either. ;)

It actually rained a good drenching rain today, which our plants and trees totally need. They were starting to look quite distressed with leaves turning brown a good month or two early.

Arizaphale said...

HipMomma: 40C ? I feel your pain/ Sometimes here it gets too hot to go in the pool. After a week of over 40 the pool water is like bath water :-( And the sun on your head is just too fierce.

Carrie: I have been 'looking' for ages but telling myself I couldn't justify the expense. Perhaps you can look out for an End of Summer sale? I was wondering about going a mosaic with my old ones. What do you think?

Stacy: A husband who convinces you to buy things? Surely you are blessed amongst women?

natalie said...

I SO LOVE new things like this. I would love to get a new set of plates, but, alas, we have more than we'll ever need in our attack from our wedding. We have replacement plates for our replacement plates. Maybe when M graduates from college in a bazillion years, I'll get new plates.

Mid Sis said...

Just back from Africa where is was a lovely 25C - apparently it has been raining and unpleasant here whilst I've been away. Awoke this morning to a fabulous 25C - so nice and lovely and sunny - even got the umbrella up and the BBQ out!

Arizaphale said...

Natalie: I think my sis and b-i-l had this problem. And of course the dinner set you choose at 25 is not the one you necessarily want at 35!!!

Mid Sis: you brought the weather back with you.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Congrats on the new plates! We bought some that we didn't *strictly* need either. But they were a great price & it's nice to have some that are "ours" as opposed to the mine & his we moved in here with. They're sort of the same color as that gravy thing you got.