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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Bush Dance? No Thanks Miss, I HAVE a Life!

Every now and then school obligations which, at the outset seem onerous, turn out to be a lot of fun but I knew this one would be OK.Without giving too much away, our school started 26 years ago in a factory, of sorts, and through grace and blessing has been expanded to almost completely take over the original building. Our whole topography harks back to its industrial heritage and our assembly hall is....well..a shed!! On Saturday night we held our first ever annual Bush Dance.

Our ever creative principal had ordered the maintenance staff make up a neon sign for the occasion. Cut out of the ubiquitous corrugated iron; which was once the practical choice of the suburban gardener or country homesteader and has now been elevated to the lofty heights of architectural chic; the back lit sign was resplendent as you entered the assembly area. Bales of hay and fairy lights (which don't really show up in these photos) completed the look and the bush band made good use of the school's AV screens and stage facilities. Contrary to the appearance of these photos; which were taken towards the end of the evening when most people were outside recovering in the fresh air; there was a great turn out of over 100 students, staff, families and old scholars. The dance floor was packed for each set as we stumbled and whooped our way through old favourites such as 'The Drongo', 'The Troika', 'The Barn Dance', 'The Swedish Masquerade' and 'The Charge'!! On Sunday, I briefly wondered why my calves were so sore.

I forced the BA and her friend to accompany me of course. When she looked accusingly at Himself and asked "How come YOU don't have to come?" he replied, with rather more than seemly cheerfulness, that he was babysitting. I have long since given up trying to get my husband to attend such events. >:-(

She had a good time though. The two of them didn't exactly mingle but they did dance most dances and both sheepishly admitted they'd enjoyed themselves. In fact, many students who had been 'forced' to attend had to admit what good fun it was! I don't know, in my day square dances and bush dances were a great way to meet people and have a laugh. No one expects you to get it right and any casual observer watching our principal, his two sons and various friends charge around the dance floor pulling circles out of shape and pushing each other out of the way to grab new partners, could see the attraction of the whole physicality of the event for young men.
These pictures don't quite capture it do they?

That's cos I was too busy dancing to take photos!

Sometimes work can be fun.

Life is ridiculously busy at the moment and I am being very remiss by taking time out to post at all. There is more to share from the weekend and of the progress of the Musical costumes but it will have to wait until tomorrow.


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I love it when work is fun! Glad you had a good time!!!!!!

carrie said...

I love that you were "too busy dancing" to take photos! It sounds like a well-deserved (and fun!)break for you!

A Free Man said...

You should have told me - I would have been your date. I love barn dances.

Laine Moore said...

lol! that is not something I'd expect out of A Free Man's mouth, but there you go! sounds interesting! We had to learn square dancing in PE in school in Texas once...

Stacy said...

That looks like it was a fun time! Of course you were too busy to take pictures. :) When I used to rodeo when I was younger we usually had Saturday night dances with local country bands. I LOVED it. Alas the hubby is not much of a dancer. :(

susiej said...

That looks like a BLAST!!!

Arizaphale said...

You're all invited to next year's bash!!! :-D Especially you AFM!! How about the Doc, is she a dancer or would she prefer to stay home babysitting with Himself????