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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Crafty Tuesday: Slow Progress

Remember the Boylan Sisters? Remember how I was cutting out their dresses the other night? Well, here is the material for said dresses and yes, it is still uncut! I was pleased to find this crepe backed satin in the dance costume section of the fabric store at $6.99 a metre. The only thing I am a little disappointed about is the colour of the gold fabric. It was meant to be pale yellow. Still, this was the nearest I could get and they all still work reasonably well together (according to Himself!!) so I must count my blessings.

I'm not sewing these ones ( when I DO eventually get them cut out) but I'll look forward to showing you when they are done.

I got another orphan outfit back today, beautifully done, but I didn't get a shot because I didn't have my camera at school. This one is slightly different and has knickerbockers....And here are the pinnies completed by Year 10. I had to rescue them and recut the armholes but I have a super duper volunteer who is an ex seamstress and she's going to overlock the armholes to avoid having to face them. Pictures to follow.

So that's it this week. Not much to show for myself I'm afraid. I have also discovered that I have to make 11 serving maid outfits!! No one warned me about THIS one!!!!!!!

Have a look over at Carrie's place cos I KNOW she has something to show for Crafty Tuesday!!


Stacy said...

Oh my...11 new outfits?? Well, I hope your volunteers are up for it! It looks like everything is coming along well. I think the colors of the satin go well together, but understand your frustration in no finding the perfect thing to go with them.

Andi said...

I can not believe how much you can find time to do...first of all, I will never be a seamstress, but secondly, I simply can not imagine where you find the hours in the day to get everything done that you do!! (and still blog about it). LOL!
Your comment at my place aboutME working hard...that makes me laugh when I think how hard I am not working compared to you. Things have been busy with the start of school, and getting my body back into the swing of things has been difficult (standing all day, not taking bathroom breaks when I need to-only when I can, talking non-stop, etc.) and I HAVE been exhausted each evening when I get home. But this is NO comparison to how hard YOU are working!
I can't wait to see more... costumes, photos, footage of the actual musical...how exciting! Do keep us posted.
Thanks for checking on me. I will muster up some strength to post soon. :)

carrie said...

good grief. you make my measly ONE pair of pants for TWO weeks look pitiful!

you are definitely making progress...