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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Sorry To Disappoint

I know, I know, I promised you pictures of the new Guest Room today but seriously, it's just not ready for unveiling yet.

I need to get a new quilt. I mean, I have the cover, but without a nice, fluffy quilt to go inside it just looks like a pair of sheets! We need furniture. Apart from a bed I mean. A pair of bedside tables and a lamp or two are required. We need new lighting. The faux colonial open glass shade with oversized energy saving bulb hanging down from it just doesn't create the ambiance I had in mind.

A rug would be nice. Some prints would take the starkness away from the walls. *sigh* It just isn't finished yet! I took some photos of the BA in situ but even with her beautiful presence it still looks like a closing down sale at a bed shop. On the last day. With one bed left.
So, sorry folks, maybe next week?

But to whet your appetite or at least give you something to look at, here's the Small Boy and the Baby Angel on their way to see The Mighty Bays * play in the SANFL Grand Final last weekend. And yes, their colours are gold and black! Unfortunately, the game went so badly that they left before the final siren :-(. Poor old Himself hasn't had any luck in the footballs stakes this year.

* Compare Glenelg's paltry website to the sensational job Himself and his team do on the
Mighty Roosters' site!


Brittany said...

Oh man. What do you mean no photo??? ;) Just kidding. I forgive you. ;)

carrie said...

We know you are crafting some magical goodness on the room. We'll wait...

Stacy said...

They are so cute posing for you! Looks like they were all ready to cheer on their team. :) Can't wait to see the big unveiling!