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Friday, 10 October 2008

Theme Thursday: Sunshine

Woah. It's a long time since I managed to get a Theme Thursday up. This one was taken on Kangaroo Island in 2006 but I think it qualifies as sunshine. I love the idea of finding (or taking) a photo to fit a theme but life during term time means I hardly ever pick up the camera :-(

For other sunny interpretations, go see Stacy!

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Brittany said...

That is stunning! I love the sunshine.

Stacy said...

Love it! I love how the tree branches are silhouetted in the sun...very nice. :)

Killlashandra said...

Neat picture. I can't tell if it was shot through a window or if the sun created all those little speckles but the effect turned out great.

Christina said...

dang, now that is gorgeous.

A Free Man said...

Looks like sunshine to me. Glad that we're having a bit of that these days.

Maggie said...

Gorgeous! I love how warm that sunshine looks -- the perfect golden yellow color.