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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Update and a Dilemma

174th position! Closing on the leaders and pulling ahead of the real boats.

Now here is the dilemma.

The 'mark' was off the coast of Brazil, near the eastern most point of that part of the continent. Once round the mark the boats can go any which way in order to get to Cape Town at the tip of Africa. Himself and a few of his duelling mates went south and then east getting down into a nice line of wind running back across the Atlantic. A HUGE number of other boats however, including the leaders, have headed west, down the coast of South America. Himself's natural question of course is, 'what do THEY know that I don't?'

After all they are going about 500 miles in the opposite direction to the one in which they are meant to be headed. Something's going on.

Well, this morning he discovered the reason. Down south near the bottom of South America there is a savage air stream running at about 30 knots which will sling the boats directly around west to Cape Town. They are sacrificing places now but the question is, will himself be far enough ahead on his 14-9 knot breeze to still pip them on the line?

He's looked at the 48 hour forecasts, he's judged the distances and done the maths and he has decided to commit to his early westerly course. One of the leaders is doing the same thing and, more importantly, the real boats (behind him) are starting to follow suit.

Hmmm, this is going to be an interesting finish!!!

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Blueberry said...

i'm keeping my fingers crossed! :)