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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Captain Himself Has the Top 100 In His Sights

Today he has worked his way steadily through the fleet and has just cracked 297th position. The leaders are about 90 nautical miles ahead.

He is now 25 miles ahead of the real leader of the race.*

There are now over 40 000 virtual sailors!!!!!!!!!!

My husband is a damn fine sailor as far as I'm concerned.

I wish there was more than a watch at stake.

On the real water today, he and No2 Son came in 4th (again) after rounding the last mark in second spot. They hit a 'hole' just before the finish line and drifted a little ways so that the next two boats who came round, although they also hit the hole, didn't drift as far and when the wind popped back up, they were nearer the line to shoot over. A bit annoying but Himself was pretty happy with their first day back on the water. After a false start and heading for the wrong buoy twice, they still had excellent boat speed to make up the distance again.

Oh and their new sails arrived today. This is the equivalent of having your V8 street car turbo charged in sailor terms. It's the occasion for much celebratory beer drinking and oo-ing and ahhing by your mates.

* Of course the virtual sailors have not had to take into account
a) other boats
b) things like containers floating on the ocean
c) damage to equipment


Blueberry said...

woo hoo!

sounds like he an excellent real and virtual sailor. :)

Christina said...

Yahoo!!!! He's got cheerleaders all around the world - we are cheering him on here in Texas!