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Saturday, 18 October 2008

Ocean Update 2: In Which The Dream Is Tempered



He's telling me that his aim is to finish in the top one thousand. There are over 30 000 virtual boats now competing!!!!!

Apparently this is only the first leg of the race and it finishes in Cape Town although they have to round a mark off South America first. This single leg could take up to 30 days!!! There are 5 legs in the whole race. We are a long way off winning that car I 'm afraid. :-D The winner of each leg gets an expensive Sailmaster watch but I am less than excited by this prospect as I bought him one for his last birthday.* No watch is going to pay off our mortgage you know Himself!!!!!

Still, with the length of the time of the game, others could get bored and drop out. Perhaps? And Himself is nothing if not dogged! :-) Gotta love him.

* His previous sailing watch lies at the bottom of Port Phillip Bay after the near fatal race last Christmas.

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Blueberry said...

wow! he's doing great!! :)