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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Checking In

Just a quicky tonight. I've been catching up on blog reading and generally sludging in holiday mode. We have started gutting the No 2 Son's room in order to create a guest room for some of my family when they visit (woo hoo!!!). There was wallpaper to be stripped and walls to be washed with sugar soap.

I am now in the process of trying to choose a quilt cover/set which will inspire us in the paint department. Unfortunately I am hog tied by a hideous carpet and curtains neither of which we can afford to replace at present. Wish me luck.

The Baby Angel has returned from Sydney with a plethora of converse sneakers. I mean; how many pairs of sneakers does a girl need? *self righteous sniff*
She also did an amazing 'walk' with her dad into the Snowy Mountains at Guthega and stayed in a genuine alpine 'hut' complete with marsupial rats! (although they did not join her in her sleeping bag as they had done with her dad on a previous trip *phew*)

The Small Boy is with us for the week and consequently all his entourage. I will be cooking pies, cutting up apples and cheese and generally supplying the neighbourhood boys for the rest of the week. Why oh why can't they play at someone else's house???


Anonymous said...

"Oh why oh why can't they play at someone else's house?"
Deep down you know you are glad they are there because it means that he likes being there and you've made them all feel welcome! It also means that you are privy to what they are doing most of time. And you know he is safe there and under adult supervision!!

I mutter the same thing when I've opened the umpteenth bag of chips or tossed another empty 2L of soda. But I am glad they are there. :)

Anonymous said...

oops - last post was me - Elisa

A Free Man said...

Because you're the coolest step-mum on the block? Because you have a pool?

Anonymous said...

I musted be warped. I look forward to the days of my house being full of little boys. They are so loud and crazy and fun!

As for the BA's trip, how to compete with that? Is that hard for you? Is she mature enough now to understand that while he may give great fun holidays, you are the one responsible for her everyday? I hope so. Was that way too personal??

Maggie said...

They clearly hang out at your house because you are the coolest! And would you really know what to do with a quiet house anyway?! :)