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Monday, 27 October 2008

Not Necessarily Smooth Sailing

It happened.

Late last night as I was falling asleep on the sofa and failing to write the questions to the video on The Nuclear Age which my History class will be viewing today, Himself came storming through. Disgruntled is a word which springs to mind.

"They've changed the maps," he announced, "I'm going to run out of wind going east, I'm going to have to change plan and go south instead."

He is now sacrificing places in order to get down to a huge low pressure system which is building up off the south coast of South America but he wanted me to let you all know that he had reached 137th place. He thinks it might be the best he will manage.

Still, the race is not over yet and if he gets down to the air stream he's looking for with no mishaps (ie windshifts leaving you in a 'hole') he may still be in with a chance. He is banking on the fact that the others are a good 800 miles west of him and that he can still slip into the airstream ahead of them.

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