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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

What Was Wrong With Learning The Piano?

Watch This If You Are A Family Member or have nothing to do for the next 3 minutes.

Announcement: Alright friends and relatives, the Baby Angel aka Ringlets Starr/Keithette Moon/Joan Bonham performed for the first time tonight as the drummer for her 'class band'....and I do not mean class as in quality :-D

Firstly, may I say that as a mother who takes photos of her kid, having a drummer for a daughter is a real bummer. Not simply because I will never get to make spangly lycra costumes for her to dance in or because guitars are cheaper and quieter nor yet because listening to her practice is no longer melodious and soothing; no, the reason having a drummer for a daughter is a bummer is because she right up the BACK of the band and VERY difficult to shoot!!!!!

So during this lengthy video, shot with my DSLR because we forgot to take the proper video disc recorder, I spend a good deal of time trying to dodge the guitarist who kept covering her face up with the neck of his guitar and trying to avoid the not insubtantial singers who kept swaying their hips across my lens. There are some serious focus issues here too folks due to the automatic nature of the camera; but it does give you a taste of the Baby Angel in all her glory.

Her comment was "OMG, note to self, try not to look like that when concentrating!"

I was pleasantly surprised by her ability to keep in time!


HipMomma said...

That cracks me up because my Hubs so wants one of our girls to play drums. He even bought them a fairly nice set a couple of years ago and refuses to donate it even though they don't show much interest. And it cracks me up more that you had to zoom in so much just to get that much of her face. I think it's great and the drums appeal to me much more that a piano. GO BA!

A Free Man said...

You needed a different angle I think - but she looked very tough back there.

Actually, she should have been up on a platform like in a rock show or something.

And why not cite some of the great female drummers that are around?! Come on, your feminist cred is crumbling...

Mid Sis said...

How cool am I to have a drummer niece!

Kevin C Jones said...

I was a drummer in USA high school, but because my father wouldn't buy me a snare, I beat silently on a rubber pad. So, I never learned to roll.

Frankly, I was the first on both sides to continue both a musical and graduate career.

I think that BA shold be promoted to a MBA or at least DMA.

JustJessie said...

Aw, she's really good! :) I moved the boys' drum set out into the garage... They haven't gotten to the point of keeping a beat. They just make a lot of REALLY LOUD noise! Maybe after watching your video I'll bring it back in. maybe.
And can I just say that I love the fact that she's wearing a head band and looking all cool behind the typical Christian school girls in front of her!

Andi said...

I LOVE the idea of girl drummers...my husband is a musician (in his spare time), and he always hoped the daughter would play SOMETHING! Sadly, (from me)she has a horrible lack of musical know-how...it just does not work! We have tried several instruments...most recently from her high school days, the drums. She has a very nice set in her room- rather dusty and hardly used at all. Sad, but true.
The BA looks completely natural there...like she certainly belongs there! I was waiting for them to rock out, but I suppose that just does not happen really at a Christian school thing.
Also, never occured to me how difficult that angle would be for photos and video shots! Interesting point!
Rock on, BA :)