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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Netball Is NOT Basketball!

OK you Yanks. Here it is in black and white.

Netball and Basketball are two VERY different animals.

In netball you cannot run with the ball. As soon as you take possession you must not move your grounded foot until you have disposed of the ball. You have 3 secs to dispose of the ball although at top level the girls pass on before their other foot hits the ground. You cannot bounce or dribble the ball. You cannot knock the ball out of someone's hands like in basketball. The 7 team members have designated areas on the court and they cannot venture out of these areas. Only two team members may shoot goals and must do so from within the semicircle around the net. There is no backboard on the goals.

Apart from that they're identical :-D

Check out this link for some video of the action!

Or my more detailed post if you're still confused by the rules.

Everyone clear now? :-)


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

All clear!

HipMomma said...

I believe you've gone over this already, Ms. A. I was listening the first time. Hope I get extra points for that.

Stacy said...

LOL...thanks so much for the clarification since it did LOOK like basketball. :)

Anonymous said...

Two Q's:
1. Why do they wear tags? (WD etc)
2. Why cannot they wear loose baggy shorts like basketballers?

A Free Man said...

Yeah, yeah. Round ball. Hoop. Ball through hoop scores. Potato, potatoh.

Arizaphale said...

AFM: Heathen. Anyway it is potato/pot-ah-to goofball...

Anonymous: 1)
The tags are their positions on court. WD is wing defence, C is Centre, WA is Wing Attack and so forth. I suspect this helps the umpires if they stray out of their areas.
2) They cannot wear loose baggy shorts like basketballers because they are NETBALLERS fool! Have you not been listening?? :-D

Stacy: My pleasure
Hipmomma: You are a very good girl (I think it was you that asked the question the last time) and you may go to the top of the class.

Laine Moore said...

so... it's basketball except less running is involved because the positions are more stationary/regulated to certain areas of the court, less skill with handling a ball (because you cannot dribble the ball, don't have to weave with the ball, and not everyone has the chance to shoot with the ball.) Also, as far as I can tell, if you cant actually "push" the ball from someone else's hands, the entire crux of the game relies on players inability to catch the ball when it's being thrown to them or otherwise the ball would never switch teams. (Unless of course the positions rotate around and then that would kind of null my first few points.) Is that right? I sound really mean in this but... I just don't really get it still! It does look like good exercise though! Just confusing to my American brain haha.

Arizaphale said...

OK. I'm taking you to see a game next weekend!!! The ball changes hands through interception, something the BA is very good at. Once she intercepted so well that she landed on the player waiting underneath to receive....who was then fouled for 'contact'. The poor child still has scars as we see her from time to time through the season and she has a haunted look......