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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Crafty Tuesday: Look Away Now If You Can't Bear Scrapbooking

Something for Crafty Tuesday! Oh boy oh boy!!!!

On Sunday, just before I was struck down with the dreaded lurgy (I don't think it's Swine Flu but you can never be sure, oink oink) I attended a whole afternoon of scrapbooking indulgence.

The first thing we had to do was this little 'project'; a sticky notepad folder. The front was meant to have clever embellishments in the shape of a gift tag with meaningful words stuck on but I stuffed mine up so when I got home I pulled it off and found a Little Nutbrown Hare to go on it instead. I really should listen to the instructor more carefully, and frequently.
This is what it looked like when you undid the bow.
So that was pretty ordinary :-) But my Mum is getting it in the mail for her birthday and I know she will love it because I made it for her especially and after forty blah blah blah years she still loves the little handmade presents I make her. Don't you Mum?

I did do something else with my afternoon however. I actually added some pictures to a page I did a while ago.

I personally don't like the overlapping photos idea much but Himself with his designer's eye said I needed some way to pull the page together as all I had to start with was Dorothy the Dinosaur. :-D

Not much to show for myself I suppose but I had a lovely relaxing time doing it. And I won the raffle so I got some free papers and stickers and that can't be bad right?

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Suzer said...

Himself is right;)

(My gramps used to sign cards to my grandma himself...adorable.)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Cute little post it note holder! I didn't see the layout before the overlaps, but it does look good that way!

Stacy said...

Lovely job! I love scrapbooking "retreats", too. Gives you a chance to unwind and be creative without interruptions. I'm sure your mom will love her handmade gift, too. Don't all mom's love that their kids took the time to make them something with their own two little hands?? :)

SSG said...

liking that page even though i'm not sure i like scrapbooking in this modern way. And as for the netball outfit? yeah, not sure about the lycra either. I play bball, and i like the baggy vest-short combo, makes it easy to move and sweat in! And I agree, I wouldnt have liked figure-hugging as a teenager! The food at AFMs looks great too, pot-luck or share-a-plate dinners, they don't really happen in the UK do they?

we_be_toys said...

Nice books! I love the little brown hare especially on the book to your mom - she's going to love it!
This makes me realize I still need to finish a scrapbook I started for the boys about a decade ago! Oh no!

we_be_toys said...

PS That plate of crumpets you left in my comments is EXACTLY what I'm craving right now, damn ya! ;P (for give me, I've given up scones recently.)

kim said...

I think you did a fine job with the layered photos. I like that look, but of course, I also fall under the category of "squeeze as many photos on a page as you can" when it comes to scrapping.