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Friday, 5 June 2009

Theme Thursday: Family

I have been 'torn' by this theme Amy Jo. Should I give you a tour of photos past? My ancestors? Or at least my relatives? Actually I don't think I have any ancestors although rumour has it we are related to Robbie Burns.

Mind you, so is most of the NE of England. I believe he was rather prolific.

No, instead I opted for a single shot which illustrates all the ups and downs, odd balls and quirks that lurk in every family, ready to leap out at a moments notice or at least when someone says 'Say Cheese'!!!!!!!!!(My brother-in-law wonders what he has done to deserve this family)

Click over to Cheese Party and contribute your own version of 'Family'.


Megan said...

oh yeah, those are great expressions -- a "true" family photo :)!

Amy Jo said...

Isn't that the beauty of family, though? You have to love them. Lusy has a bib that says 'Are these people really my relatives?' Sums it up rather nicely, huh?

we_be_toys said...

A truly classic picture - looks like Christmas morning, attire-wise, although there isn't any tell-tale tree.
So most of NE England is related to Mr. Prolific Burns? Sounds like me grandmother telling me her Morgan ancestors were related to JP Morgan, the 19th c, financier, which is a bold-faced lie. But if ole Robbie was "prolific" (I just wanted to say it again) in more than just his verse, I'm inclined to believe your story far more readily than my grandmother's. I think this is way of saying, "I want to see the ancestors!"

we_be_toys said...

Gack! I need more coffee - look at all the typos in that last comment!

Word Verification is "Norns" - how apropo!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Very sweet picture! Love the expressions, especially on the male faces. :-)

A Free Man said...

What is 'tearing' a theme?