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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Theme Thursday: Repetition

Well, everyone has to collect something don't they?

This started, right down the far right hand side of the picture, as a gift from my Middle Sis when I arrived in the UK, pregnant and at a crossroads. For my birthday that year she gave me a pair of Victorian shoe lasts she'd picked up at an antique fair. A year on she came back from Turkey with a fancy pair of embroidered Turkish slippers (unfortunately just out of shot), not quite in the BA's size but as close as she could get at that time. It started a 'thing'.
"I'd like to collect little shoes," I said.

Since then Middle Sis has brought me shoes from Ecuador, Greece, India, Egypt, China, Holland and (another South American country which currently escapes me)! Other friends have given shoes from their own countries; Taiwan and Korea and places they have visited, Japan and

I haven't added to my collection for a while now but I am very pleased with the repetitive sets of little toes pointed upwards on my dresser.

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Amy Jo said...

That is so cool! I've always liked the idea of gift traditions, and since I love shoes I might just have to steal this one! Very cool shot!

A Free Man said...

Nice collection!

Mid Sis said...

Oh how I remember the hours spent trying to find the smallest pair - I might just start this up again!

susiej said...

I'll say. What a lovely collection, each with beautiful memories. Very nice. I'm envious... !

Maggie said...

Love it!!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

That's neat!