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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Best Shot Monday: It'sThat Time Again

On Saturday our Annual Pageant came to the streets of Adelaide. It was 34C, hotter probably where we were standing; given that we caught the later train and only got to the city centre a half hour before starting time! The only spots left were, of course, in full sun.

I bravely took four kids. The Baby Angel and her two best buds and the Small Boy for whom it was only his second pageant ever as Himself of course, like many fathers, does not DO Pageants.

It was a wonderful time though. The kids loved it. They were sensible and co-operative and were so swept up in the magic that for the most part they barely noticed the heat. I really felt for this guy though. You can't see in the photo but he was sweatin' it up some!!!

Taking photos in ful sun like that is quite difficult and I am painfully aware of how flat the photos look as I survey my results. Photo on photo of yet another float, marching band or dancing girl. I wonder why I bother really as we rarely sit and look at pictures of past pageants (and yes, I have taken pictures at all of them since we returned) but it is so spectacular that I can't bear not to.Here's some dancing girls who weren't quite getting their legs as high as they did at the start of the route!!!

So what did you do for the weekend? Is Christmas coming where you are?

Got to go. Should be leaving for fitness now. Only two more sessions :-(

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Maya said...

That looks like so much fun!

Christina said...

I can't believe it's that time already, it's come up so fast this year! We're seeing signs of the season already too, tho. LOL, I'm used to thinking of 34 degrees as cold since we work in F. But it looks like a fantastic time!

susiej said...

Thanks for the pictures -- I've always tried to imagine Santa in a suit in the heat -- very amazing to me.

kim said...

I really like the dancing girls. The color and motion of their outfits make the shot.
Oh, yes, we're revving up for Christmas here, too. All of the stores have their xmas decorations out and the toy catalogues have all been delivered. We'll be putting up our decorations this weekend, I'm sure, as Lauren is busting at the seams to do so.