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Sunday, 9 September 2007

Results of Blogging Diet? Work loss: 1 Maths Test

Exhibit A: A pile of marking

After almost a week of my blogging diet I feel like I am no further ahead than when I started. I have been sewing all day and have only managed one lined waistcoat (with trim). There are still two piles of essays to mark and another one due Monday. Reports are due the following Monday and the following week is the Musical.

*sigh* Where does the time go?

Small Boy is back this weekend after a two week absence caused by a) his normal weekend off and
b) his father's camping trip last weekend.

As the AFL Football Finals commenced this weekend, Himself took Small Boy to see Port Power play the West Coast Eagles at AAMI Stadium on Friday night. It was apparently a thrilling match with The Power triumphing by 3 points. The boys rolled back in at about 11.30pm when I was already out like a light so I didn't find out until this morning about the 5 km walk they had to undertake to get from the traffic jam to the stadium. (They gave up trying to get into the car park and parked in a side street).

After his late night, Small Boy was up at 7.30am and convinced Dad to take him down to the skate park with his micro scooter....you know the ones. Apparently Himself got some good shots of him catching some 'air' so I hope to get my hands on those for a Best Shot Monday post. But I digress. After a few hours at the skate park, he came home looking very pale/flushed and sounding a bit snippy.

I suggested (from my sewing machine) that dad try and get some food into him and I think he managed a chocolate yoghurt (great >:-( ) but that was about it. He did perk up a bit after the yoghurt and then went down to help Dad clean the Jeep. After another hour or so he came back up exhausted and complaining of a headache. Of course he wouldn't take any Kid's Panadol (hates medicine), wouldn't eat anything and eventually at about 4pm he took himself off to bed.

We woke him at 7.30pm for dinner and he was crabby indeed. I got him some cordial (sugar rush) which sweetened him up a bit (pardon the pun) but he wouldn't eat any dinner and continued to complain of a headache. Eventually he went and had a shower as this is apparently what his Mum suggests when he is sick (understandable if he won't take medicine, anything to make him feel he is taking positive steps towards feeling better) and he settled himself onto the couch.

There was the usual minor hissy fit over bedtime but we managed to pack him off at around 8.45pm. Not bad considering how much sleep he had in the late afternoon. I really hope he was just over tired ....and perhaps dehydrated, although Himself assures me that he drank plenty of water at the skate park. Tomorrow is another day...........

The point of all of this is that I continued to sew throughout and let Dad deal with him. He did ask me for things and come to tell me of his unwellness but apart from a ladleful of sympathy I let his Dad make all the unpopular decisions (bedtime for example) and deal with trying to make him feel better. I think he did eventually get some Panadol into him, which I am sure I never could have achieved.

I think some of our problems with the Little Lad lie in the fact that I am too ready to mother and that Dad is too ready to let me. At the end of the day, Small Boy comes to see and interact with his Dad. If I do all the interacting I think he can feel rejected and resentful.... and guess who cops that.

It is such a tricky area. I am just really glad that with all the unwellness and crabbiness today he did not descend into hysterical tantrums. Such a relief. Let's hope he's feeling better tomorrow.

On a brighter note, Baby Angel went to the Royal Show today with three of her friends and a very brave father!!!! She went with the target of overcoming her fear of 'rides' and going on a few with her mates.

"I am taking baby steps towards it Mum," she informed me afterwards,"and I did manage the Crazy Coaster and the Prison Break Maze."

I am not sure whether to be pleased or alarmed. The "Prison Break Maze"????????? What is THAT all about????? Whatever happened to The Teacups and The Dodgem Cars??????? From what I could gather it was simply a 'Ghost Train' experience...on foot and with prisoners instead of mummies and vampires! That would be our TV culture society again. What will be next? The 'Ugly Betty' ride where you walk through a maze being insulted by a bunch of pretentious anorexics and ruthless magazine editors? The 'Lost' ride where you wander round a jungle set while carnival types dressed as 'smoke monsters' throw co-incidences at you?

I think I must be getting old.

Hope you all had a great week and weekend!!!!


Christina said...

So is the blogging diet over?! Bummer that you've been depriving yourself all week and you don't even feel like you've gotten ahead. Life just keeps heaping more responsibilities on our already-full plates.

I hope Small Boy is better today...I commend you for sticking with the sewing and letting Dad handle it. :0)

LOL at your carnival rides based on tv shows!!

Mommee and Her Boys said...

Ah, I am glad your blogging diet is over! :)

I am laughing so hard at the carnival rides you came up with. I think I would go for the Lost ride, however. I do love that show, I will admit it.

Poor small boy, I hope he is feeling well today!