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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A Quick Report

For those of you kind enough to have inquired; Sat night was ok. I find it difficult to say any of my cooking is good or delicious or anything like that. I find it much easier to say that the risotto was NOT much chop and I won't use that recipe again, the veal was a bit tough (too much stamping around in claustrophobic shipping containers before a cruel death at the abattoir...oh well) and the warm bean and baby spinach salad was not as good as the last time I made it.

The Baby Angel however did a great job of her signature desert, chocolatey bananas! (see above)

Food aside, it was great to catch up with my two school friends (I will omit the word 'old') Prof J and The Skipperette (yes, another sailor) and their delightful spouses. It was really nice to share the BA's success with them as they too are old scholars of our beloved Alma Mater. It is also great to have friends who know your weaknesses and either a) keep out of the way and entertain themselves while you panic in the kitchen or b) stand coolly by you, offering quiet advice and a gentle hand without any pressure. BOTH of these things are appreciated more than you two will ever know.

Thanks for a great night guys! Come again soon.


A Free Man said...

Don't blame the veal.


Prof J said...

Well I thought the warm salad was great and the veal wasn't tough! And I can guarantee you that every bit of it was far better than anything I'd ever manage. I've just learnt to leave the cooking to the Hubby, who has also done a great job in teaching the kids to cook, so I don't have to go through the stress any more. It was a great night, the kids couldn't believe we got home after two of them did!

Amy Jo said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all!

Drop me an email at amy.bader@gmail.com and I'll send you off that purse and shirt, winner lady!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I bet the food was great! Even the veal, especially if you ask anyone except the cook. :-) I have a habit of letting everyone know how horrible the food is going to be right before I serve it & describing every last thing that went wrong during the cooking process. And still, people seem to manage to enjoy the meal somehow.