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Saturday, 4 April 2009


I have invited 5 people for dinner; with us, that makes ten.

Did I mention I hate cooking and cannot organise time to save my life?

PS:(That title should get me a few hits).


natalie said...

Repeat after me:

I will NOT overcommit.

I will NOT overcommit.

I will NOT overcommit.

Did it work?

I hope the dinner was a raging success.

Speaking of overcommitting: my spring break will be over in 48 hours. I have done very few of my fun to-do list because I was too busy cleaning, taking pictures (which I do love), and other things. I've had a good week, but wanted to do MORE fun things for myself!!!

Brittany said...

You can DO it!!!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Sounds like a good night to order pizza! I'm actually getting used to cooking for five at least. The first month we lived here sometimes I would drive home crying because I couldn't wrap my brain around the idea of food for five people, especially now that my daughter's hit teenagerhood & eats like a real person.

I'm w/Brittany btw, you can do it!!!! I'm going to have to try Natalie's advice too - over commit is my middle name, after all.

Diva Miss Al said...

I am amused by the vision of you with 10 for dinner! Very amused in fact -I think the smile may last a while!

I love your "New Words"
re cubes - heard this and thought you may enjoy:
"How can you think outside the box when you work in a cube?"

Elisa said...

So - do tell - how'd it go???

SSG said...

what did you cook?
Lol, you sound like me, always saying yes and doing too much. Do you think we're stress junkies?

A Free Man said...

I'm sure you did fine!