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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Crafty Tuesday

I am so excited because I actually have craft (done by me) to post today. A plethora of craft in fact! Firstly, I made it to 'scrapbooking' on Friday night where they introduced us to this puzzle piece cutter thingy. We were challenged to do a spread using the puzzle piece as a theme. There were a variety of demo layouts to try and copy or, like me, you could do your own thing. Each of the puzzle pieces has a name on it, which I have cloned out (roughly) in 'Paint'. I do not know how Himself and his ilk do this kind of thing for a living. I have about zero patience for it. As evidenced here.

I was relatively happy with the finished effect as, I explained to Himself, it was a bit of a 'Ready Steady Cook' affair. You know the show where they present the chefs with random ingredients and they have to come up with something? Well, that's how this went. I had a folder of random photos, a selection of pages and coloured paper and the theme to work with. At least I finished it for a change!

I was so inspired that when I got home I finished a few more pages.

Himself doesn't like this one. I think I should have back mounted the photos but I was wearing out at that point. I might go back and do it if I'm feeling keen.

These ones were pretty simple but they had been sitting in the album, not stuck down for from 1 to 3 years depending on the photo! :-) At least they are in now.

And finally, the piece de resistance, at least it will be when it's finished; knitting!

I am making a cardigan for Oustiti's new baby Rosalie!! I am determined to finish it before the holidays are over otherwise it will sit around being unfinished until Rosalie is 25 and having her own babies!! :-)

Do you have any craft to share? There is usually a bit to go around over at Carrie's.


SSG said...

Very crafty, putting us to shame! Though i'm afraid to admit I never got the "scrapbooking" craze. I had a scrap book when i was wee, I stuck sugar cubes from france and sweet wrappers and tickets of films I'd seen and trains I'd taken into it. I don't get putting photos on jazzy backgrounds, I like a plain old photo album, me. Yours does look nice, but I just don't get it. Don't kill me! Knitting, sewing, or putting together a book case. I do get that however. I love making things like that. Tonight I hope to make a blue netting petticoat to go under a white summer dress of mine, but I keep putting things off lately.

Arizaphale said...

SSG: Don't worry about it! I don't really 'get' scrapbooking either except that it's therapeutic.I have pages of decorated backgrounds with no photos on :-D and I usually do a weird twist on the cutsie themes they give us, like my nudie sunbather !!!!! I guess it appeals to my inner child.

Elisa said...

wow - You busy girl! I really like the puzzle page! It all looks really good - hooray for you!!!! Isn't it fun to craft? Actually, it is so therapeutic!

Elisa said...

Duh - hadn't read your comment yet when I typed mine - IT IS THERAPEUTIC!!! (And hilarious when you deviate from the plan....like your nude sunbather!)

A Free Man said...

Can I get on the waiting list for a baby cardigan?

Stacy said...

Wonderful job on the scrapbooking. I have some up today, too. Sounds like a great Friday night scrapbooking affair. I love to have some inspiration to look at...it definitely helps getting the gears working.

Love the little cardi, too! That will be adorable on a little babe. You must get it finished, because I'm sure her momma expects to see it now that you have it posted, right?? :)

carrie said...

Oh, you have me longing for some scrappin' action.

I LOVE the puzzle piece one. I have some puzzle pieces that I've never figured out what to do with...so I guess I'll be scraplifting your idea. (HOPEFULLY soon)

And the baby sweater...gah! It is going to be just adorable!

Arizaphale said...

Thanks all you gals! I'm afraid as I admitted to the SSG, I'm not a true scrapbooker (check out Stacy's stuff people) but I do get a bit of enjoyment out of playing with it.

AFM: I don't do them in your size.

SSG said...


Maggie said...

Knitting AND Scrapping?! You are the new craft queen!! I love those pages, they are too cute!

natalie said...

Your knitting puts me to SHAME. Forget my every posting my own little needle creations! Perhaps when (if) we ever get pregnant again (and keep it!), I'll place my order right away! I'm attempting socks right now, but have several skeins of yarn for a sweater for M.

My scrapbooking is SCREAMING my name. I've got to get on it. But it will have to wait four more weeks until summer vacation. 20 days of school left! YEAH!

Brittany said...

Girl! Look at your craft!!! I just don't "craft" for myself much. Maybe I should.

Kim said...

I really like those puzzle pieces.... I think it's a cool layout.