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Sunday, 14 October 2007

UGH: Back To School

Tomorrow is BTS Day. :-(

Today The BA decided she had some homework to be completed. She was doing it in front of the DVD when I got home from church.

Me: Turn off the DVD and you will finish it more quickly and then you can watch 'Earl' at your
Small Boy: But I want to watch the DVD.
Me: OK, then you (BA) will have to go and work in your room. At your capacious desk. Which
you cleared for the first time before you left and which you have never done homework at
in 3 years.
BA: (outraged) WHAT??? I don't WANT to work in my room. I was here first!!!!
Me: Unfortunately, this is a public area and your room is perfectly designed for you to work
quietly and privately. (spoken whilst forcibly removing all her books,bags and ipod dock)
BA: (flounce flounce flounce SLAM) It's NOT FAIR.
To impact on my BTS despair I have decided to try and do a personal fitness session three mornings a week from 7-8am. This means leaving home at 6.30am. This means getting up at...you get the picture.
There is a minor difficulty, which is how to get the BA to school as well, but I have a cunning plan. I think I can use Assembly time to run her to school and be back in time for Lesson 2. Stay tuned for news and snickering at my attempts at a) getting up in the morning and b) physical fitness.

Back to sorting the 4000 000 worksheets on castles and the Black Death that are currently heaped in piles all over the study floor. (Mum, you know this is a public area flounce flounce SLAM)
Actually, she did her work and I went down to help her when I thought she'd been there too long, then Auntie Bestie arrived so we all went back to the dining room table cos Small Boy had gone bike riding by then and collectively we all got her homework done together and we all lived happily ever after Amen. Tonight during prayers she apologised for losing her temper and said that she should know that I am usually right (hahahahahaha) and she should listen to my wisdom. You see...they DO respect the Flaming Sword.


Christina said...

Wow, that last paragraph is awesome. she actually apologized?! If only it always went that way, haha!

have fun at school tomorrow, LOL! ;o)

Miss Betty Fjord said...

I think it should be noted that helping with BA's homework included me assisting with her Religious Education (reading and comprehension) assignment.


Actually it all worked out well, as one of the passages we needed to peruse included the immortal phrase "and there was a great weeping and gnashing of teeth!" (spoken necessarily with a broad Scottish accent).

I also questioned the etiquette of some sod (holy or not), complete with entourage of sinners and tax collectors, turning up at your doorstep and expecting dinner! What cheek!

Made the homework more entertaining though ...

Arizaphale said...

Oh my. I had completely forgotten that entertaining experience. I shall never forget your response when dealing with the fact that the wedding guest was thrown out of the feast for not having a wedding gown on. I was trying to point out that it was a reference to 'being prepared' but you remonstrated that
"if the King had gone out onto the street and rounded up any and every body to attend the feast because the original guests couldn't be bothered to attend.....how on earth did he EXPECT them to have a wedding gown on hand??????"