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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Bonjour. Je M'appelle Ange de Bébé. J'ai Quinze Ans.

She had such a lame birthday this year. She keeps reminding me. No party, no cake, just a whole bunch of cards and presents and a trip to the movies with mum. Sheesh. Talk about underprivileged.

Mind you she did have a new kitten to cuddle. Not sure Lily thought that was such a great idea though.

And she did get her favourite dinner, Himself's homemade pizzas, on request!

AND she had the privilege of attending work and earning money which is more than some people are able to do.

So. Not much to complain about really. And I have promised a cake for when she organises her friends for a sleepover. Anyway, her best present arrives on the 12th June!

Now we have been finding out a little more about Frog Girl today. Actually, I am not comfortable with 'Frog Girl'. 'Frog Boy' was fine but I am a child of my gender limited generation and I just can't come at 'Frog Girl' so I'm going to have to improvise. How about La Jeune Fille (aka JF)? It basically means 'young girl' but can also mean daughter.

So, we having been finding out about JF and a little of la histoire around why we got her instead of Frog Boy.

Remember my concern over her older years and apparent sophistication? Now where do you think I got these ideas? Hellooooo! Facebook! Yet another salient lesson in checking the privacy settings on photos and generally thinking about what the **** you put up there in the first place!

Well, apparently, the family that had initially been teamed with JF had also seen the facebook photos. They are a delightful Christian family with an only daughter whom they have successfully raised thus far to have no contact with the dubious mores of the secular world. Especially not the 16 year old French secular world. Needless to say (and fair enough given that their daughter was due to exchange with the French family, while the BA is not) they panicked and contacted the French organisers of the exchange program. Long story short and it was deemed preferable that an alternate host family was found for JF. La! We are that family.

Seems the Lord had a plan for us after all.

Bonne Fetes Ange de Bebe!!


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Well gee whiz, it ate my whole comment! Let's see, I bemoaned the fact that I ever gave my own kids parties in the first place, compared it to my own lack of birthday parties growing up and declared that I have shot myself in the foot that way. I wished BA a very, very happy birthday and wished for some of her homemade pizza. :-)

Brittany said...

You will be the perfect family for this girl! :) Praying you are able to be a positive influence on her!

And-- I thin homemade pizza is a wonderful bday present! yum!!

Stacy said...

I had to read that title twice to remember what it says...how little we retain from 7 years of study LOL!

Yes, Anya did not get a big friend party this year, much to her chagrin. Every other year is our plan. She has enough toys as it is and blatantly throwing $300 towards a party seems pretty offending to me. Yes, that is what most parents here do. For a 5 year old. Geesh.

Have fun with your exchange student! My SIL has had a few from Germany. One was a pleasure and one was a bit hard to take, but still a nice girl.

A Free Man said...

I'm not sure that you shouldn't be offended to be the back-up to the 'good Christian family'. What does that make you, exactly?

Hey, she got to see us on her birthday. That should be as exciting as any party...